Senior Radio Buffalo episode #453- 12/31/22

Senior Radio Buffalo episode #453- 12/31/22

Segment 1 (1:26): We begin the show with Alyssa Yax who is the Senior Companion Program Coordinator for People Inc. We are also joined by Alicia Lombardo who is the Case Management Coordinator for People Inc. Today we are talking about their Senior Companion Program. Alyssa tells us about this program offered through People Inc. Next learn who you would be a companion to and where you would do this at. Then she shares the tasks you may undertake as a companion. Alicia then shares with us what the Senior Outreach Program is. To learn more please call 716 768 2381 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (15:33): Then we welcome Paul, manager of SAS Shoes. First hear how their shoes are for all ages and sizes! They have a huge availability of types and styles- no matter what your needs are. Next hear the products they have that aren’t just shoes. Hear how you may not have bad feet, you just may be wearing bad shoes. Paul then shares with us a story he experienced with a customer- it’s one you definitely need to hear. Finally, we talk about the focus on customer excellence that you will experience here. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (26:28): Next we talk to Dr. Coleman, board certified Family Medicine practitioner, who partners with Catholic Medical Partners. We first talk about how his Outpatient Center sees a lot of patients suffering from slips and falls. Next we discuss how not only do they treat these injuries, but they also educate to prevent future injuries through their Physical Therapy Services. Finally, we talk about where his patients are having these slips and falls and what we can do to prevent them. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (40:31): We wrap up today’s show with Sally and Karen from The Clarity Group. Today we are talking about what is new with Medicare in 2023. We talk about what is exciting and what is changing. First hear that the changes you made during the Annual Enrollment Period will take effect starting January 1st. They remind us to take your new ID card to your doctor or pharmacy. Then we talk about the Evidence of Coverage booklet and that it is important, but if you’re too overwhelmed to read it, you can call The Clarity Group and they can help you through it. To learn more, and to contact them since they are here for you all year long, please visit HERE!

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