Senior Radio Buffalo episode #511- 02/24/24

Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo episode #511- 02/24/24

Segment 1 (5:42): We start today’s show with Sally and Lisa from Clarity Group. March 1st marks their 7th anniversary! Next we discuss how they have helped THOUSANDS of people in our area when it comes to Medicare. They know Medicare and aren’t here to sell you some insurance policy. Next we discuss their certifications, how there is no cost for any of their services, and how they are here for you all year long. Then we discuss what to expect when you come in and see Clarity Group and how you do not have to be on the same Medicare Plan as your spouse. Finally, we discuss why it’s important to check in with Clarity Group every year during Open Enrollment, even if you don’t think you need to change plans. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, you can call 716-393-3437 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (19:31): Then we welcome Richard Ellis, the Executive Director of Amherst Meals on Wheels. First hear how many clients they serve a day and how to reach them as they know there are people who still need their services. Richard then tell us how they offer more than just meal services with their visits as they ensure your safety. Next we discuss how their services can also just be temporary if you or a loved one just need their help for a small period of time. Finally, Linda and Richard discuss how important the social aspect of the deliveries are. To learn more for yourself or a family member, you can call 716-636-3065 or please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (33:17): Next we are joined by Brad and Brian Stamm from Stamm Law Firm. Today we are discussing the things that are changing when it comes to Nursing Homes. First hear the insane costs of nursing homes cost year– your jaw will drop. They share with us that one of the best way to pay for a nursing home is Medicaid, but you have to make sure you are eligible and that you sign up correctly. Stamm Law Firm can help you and your family save on nursing home costs by helping you plan ahead. Don’t let your loved ones be wiped out of their hard earned money. Brad and Brian then share with us what we can do today for ourselves and our family to be prepared for tomorrow. To learn more about Stamm Law Firm, please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (49:01): We wrap up the first half of our show with Dr. Ankit Garg, Vice President of Medical Affairs Retail Markets at Univera Healthcare, and today we are discussing taking advantage of your Part D Medicare coverage (prescriptions) and why it is so important to follow directions when taking your medication. First Dr. Garg tells us what happens when you miss doses of your medication and how it can impact your quality of life. Next he tells us which medications are so important to take as directed. Then we talk about how your prescriptions will cover you until your next refill and how helpful automatic refills can be. Finally, we discuss the money you can save by being on the correct Medicare Plan when it comes to your prescriptions. To learn more please visit HERE!

Segment 5 (1:06:29): We start the second half of the show by talking about the brand new adventure: Senior Radio Travel Club! Then Linda introduces our good friend Barb Hughes from Webster’s Travel. Barb and Linda discuss all of the benefits of traveling together as a group– savings, new friendships, and more! The Travel Club provides opportunities to be in the know of all trips and being able to have the information on the trips you are interested in. There are so many things you don’t have to do or worry about when you take a group trip. Then we discuss how the itineraries have plenty of free time where you can do the things you want to or just relax. To learn more please visit our website, our Facebook Page, or call/text Barb at 716 243 6284.

Segment 6 (1:20:27): Our next guest is Paul, manager of our local SAS Shoes. First hear how they sell more than just shoes- they sell tons of accessories. Here’s some even more great news- Winter boots are on sale! Paul tells us a little bit about the SAS Experience and how you will get wonderful footwear custom to your feet, and also amazing customer service where you will always be treated right. Paul tells us how it is about your unique needs and unique feet. Next we discuss the discount going on with their winter boots and their foot warmers that they can insert into the shoes. Finally, we discuss their clearance shoes that are already marked down, plus you can get buy one pair get one pair 50% off. To learn more about their amazing shoes, please visit HERE!

Segment 7 (1:32:58): In this segment we continue to discuss our Senior Radio Travel Club and all of our upcoming trips in the next few years with Barb Hughes from Webster’s Travel. Do not miss these segments! To learn more please visit our website, our Facebook Page, or call/text Barb at 716 243 6284.

Segment 8 (1:47:53): We wrap up today’s great show with Mr. Fitness aka Richard Derwald! Richard is also a Senior Consultant over at Erie County Senior Services. Richard shares with us what he is doing to improve his life everyday. Richard then shares with us that what holds you back is all in your mind. The body’s full power is what is in your mind. Richard and Linda get into a wonderful conversation about envisioning what you want and how you cannot let that go if you want to achieve your dreams. Finally, we discuss our huge fear of failure. For information about Erie County Senior Services, please call 716-858-8526. 

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