Senior Radio Buffalo episode #43 – 8/20/16

Segment 1 (59) :  Anastasia from the FBI’s Buffalo office rejoins Joe to talk about what drove her to become a linguist for the FBI, the differences between what the FBI is in real life vs television, the extensive testing that people have to take to even be considered for the FBI, how she keeps from zoning out while listening/watching while doing her job, how she assesses what she has to do during the day and how she stays focused on her job, how she deals with constant travel and living out of a suitcase . You can learn more about the Buffalo branch of the FBI by clicking HERE.

Segment 2 (14:15) : Anna Foy and Ty Kelly rejoin Joe to talk about their big big event on 8/21 and who all will be there, what they would like to accomplish with these events, how coming to the event will be to have a good time and not necessarily to show off the venue, what separates Elderwood from other Senior Centers, volunteers and how they usually start off as residents, and how much fun #SundayFunday will be and why they decided to have the event. You can learn more about HERE.

Segment 3 (27:03) : Isabelle and Sarah Robitaille rejoin Joe to talk about the state of the real estate business, Sarah introduces herself and describes what she does with Robitaille Realty, value in the Buffalo area for generation X and seniors, the rich character of Buffalo and how it is different than other major cities, the Pegulas and their influences in reshaping Buffalo. You can learn more about Robitaille Realty HERE.

Segment 4 (42:00): Greg, Brad, and Brian Stamm rejoin Joe Chille to answer listeners questions. This week they covered topics such as the power of attorney from state to state, can a pet be included in

a will and what to do if a person can no longer care for their pet. What actions should be taken after falling for a phone/ email scam, and conflict of end of life religious practices. To learn more about the Stamm Law firm and how they can assist your legal needs click HERE 

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