Senior Radio Buffalo episode #520- 04/27/24

Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo episode #520- 04/27/24

Segment 1 (4:51): We start today’s show with Paul, manager of our local SAS Shoes. Are your feet telling you to get new shoes? Then you need to head over to SAS Shoes and Route 5 Boots. Winter boots are also on sale. They also have a sale on summer sandals and some of their most well known sneakers! Paul and Linda then discuss their Winter Boots and how important they will be for the season. Next you’re not going to want to miss their new Step-In shoes. Paul tells us the types of styles they have and who this type of shoe would be great for. Finally, we discuss hard to fit feet and how SAS Shoes specializes in getting the right shoe for you and your feet. They are the experts! To learn more about their amazing shoes, please visit HERE!

Segment 2 (19:10): We are honored to welcome our next guest: local discrimination attorney Lindy Korn. First we discuss the types of cases Lindy handles and how important it is that she does what she does. She shares with us her values when it comes to what she does, which just shows how much she cares about what she does. She also tells us what other professionals to reach out to when you are dealing with some difficult like discrimination, like a therapist. She also shares how important it is for lawyers to have a therapist so they can care for themselves and then in turn care for their clients. Finally, we discuss the important of mediation. To learn more about Lindy and her practice, please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (32:29): Next we are joined by Joe from Andrew’s Estate Service. We begin by talking about who hires Andrew’s Estate Service and the types of services they offer their clients. Next Joe tells us what happens when you call Andrew’s Estate Service and what you can expect. He tells us what their pre-consultation and evaluation is, what the process is, and some of the questions they will ask you. Then he tells us how they are not doing in person sales anymore and how they have moved to virtual estate sales. Finally, he explains the waiting list but how they will have the time to help you! To learn more, please visit them HERE!

Segment 4 (48:11): We wrap up the first half of our show by welcoming back Joe from Andrew’s Estate Service! Tune in to hear how they can help you!

Segment 5 (1:05:06): We start the second half of our show with Brad, Brian, and Andy from The Stamm Law Firm. We begin by discussing the importance of a Power of Attorney. Brad tells us why this document is so important when you are alive. Brad then tells us how many current Power of Attorney’s are not complete and he explains what that means and how important it is to be sure your POA is up to date for your needs. He gives us some examples of what can happen to your family if your Power Attorney is not complete, including gifting privileges. Brian also shares how the Power of Attorney forms have grown and grown over the years and how important it is to be sure it’s all completed. Andy then shares some great tips when completing your Power of Attorney, especially if you have a business. To learn more about Stamm Law Firm, please visit HERE!

Segment 6 (1:19:35): Then Linda welcomes Mr. Fitness- Richard Derwald. Richard is also a Senior Consultant over at Erie County Senior Services. Richard shares with us what he is doing to improve his life everyday. Richard then shares with us that what holds you back is all in your mind. The body’s full power is what is in your mind. Richard and Linda get into a wonderful conversation about envisioning what you want and how you cannot let that go if you want to achieve your dreams. Finally, we discuss our huge fear of failure. For information about Erie County Senior Services, please call 716-858-8526. 

Segment 7 (1:32:33): Next we say hello to Barb Hughes from Webster’s Travel and Hospitality, our Senior Radio Travel Club, and talking all things travel! Barb also brought Evelyn with her who is known as a “solo traveler.” Evelyn first tells us about her recent fabulous trip to the South of France. It sounds amazing and reminds us how important travel is. Evelyn also shares with us when she started traveling and how important it is to her. Evelyn tells us how it’s great to internationally travel now and then when she slows down she will travel more of the USA. Barb then tells us how they are able to accommodate and take in consideration any needs their clients have. Finally, Barb tells us about the Senior Radio Travel Club. To learn more please visit our website, our Facebook Page, or call/text Barb at 716-243-6284. 

Segment 8 (1:46:46): We wrap up the show by welcoming back Barb Hughes from Webster’s Travel Tune in to hear about our upcoming trips! To learn more please visit our website, our Facebook Page, or call/text Barb at 716-243-6284. 

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