Senior Radio Buffalo episode #505- 01/06/24

Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo episode #505- 01/06/24

Segment 1 (3:48): We start the show with Karen and Brian from Clarity Group. First we discuss what you may get in the mail now that Medicare Open Enrollment is over. Karen tells us to be sure you open your Medicare mail- especially your Evidence of Coverage document. And if you have any questions on your coverage, Clarity Group is here all year round to help answer those questions! Next we discuss what happens if your plan is not working for you– tune in to hear about the Special Enrollment Periods throughout the year. You may need to make a plan change and Clarity Group can help. Finally, Brian tells us how they can be sure you leave confident in choosing your plan. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, you can call 716-393-3437 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (18:24): Then we are joined by Brad and Brian Stamm from Stamm Law Firm. Today we are discussing the things that are changing when it comes to Nursing Homes. First hear the insane costs of nursing homes cost year– your jaw will drop. They share with us that one of the best way to pay for a nursing home is Medicaid, but you have to make sure you are eligible and that you sign up correctly. Stamm Law Firm can help you and your family save on nursing home costs by helping you plan ahead. Don’t let your loved ones be wiped out of their hard earned money. Brad and Brian then share with us what we can do today for ourselves and our family to be prepared for tomorrow. To learn more about Stamm Law Firm, please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (32:40): Next we welcome Mr. Fitness aka Richard Derwald! Richard is also a Senior Consultant over at Erie County Senior Services. First hear about Richard’s accomplishments in the fitness field as a senior. He believes you can do more than you think you can and you will go farther than you ever believe. Richard shares some of his history and how it led him to where he is today at age 88. A can do attitude will take you all of the way! Finally, we discuss how activity can have you leading a long and productive life. For more information about Erie County Senior Services, please call 716-858-8526. 

Segment 4 (47:10): We wrap up the first half of our show with Paul, manager of our SAS Shoes and today we start by talking about how having great shoes and healthy feet is a great way to enter the new year! Then Paul tells us how a gift card could be a great gift for someone who wants to try the SAS Experience. Paul shares with us that their level of customer service is like the fantastic service given in past times. Then we discuss how our feet change so much when we become seniors and having a pair of SAS Shoes can support that. Finally, Paul and Linda talk about the end of year cards. You are definitely going to want to tune into this and hear all about it! To learn more about their amazing shoes, please visit HERE!

Segment 5 (1:05:32): The second half of our show starts with Rachel and Melissa from Erie County Senior Services New York Connects and today we are talking about the Erie County Caregiver Support Program. First hear who the program is for and the services offered included short term respite stay and safety services. If you call Erie County New York Connects, they will triage you to the team who can provide the caregiver support resources. There are endless services available to help as a caregiver and they can help you find the resources that are the best fit. Finally, we discuss what else New York Connects offers. To learn more about all of the incredible services available, please call Erie County Senior Services New York Connects at 716-858-8526.  

Segment 6 (1:19:57): Next we have a very special segment from Linda discussing the top 10 scams out there right now. Please be sure to tune into this segment so that you can recognize when you or a loved one is getting scammed. Please be careful out there!

Segment 7 (1:32:33): Roxanne from Elder Care Solutions of Western NY joins us for this segment. Today we are discussing why it is so important to have a plan in place for yourself or your loved one if something medical happens. Roxanne can help navigate the situation and be your advocate. She can also help with the financial side of things and work with your attorney’s, so that everyone on the team is happy and in control. Roxanne then tells us the huge importance of a Power of Attorney and how it will help you or your loved one in a crisis. Roxanne is an expert in helping figure out the costs of care and getting through the conversation of money. Put your mind at ease and sit down with the experts of Elder Care Solutions of Western New York! To learn more about this amazing company, please call 716-823-1476 or visit HERE!

Segment 8 (1:47:14): We wrap up the show with Dr. Hopkins, Senior Medical Director of Behavioral Health at Univera Healthcare and today we are talking about loneliness in ourselves or a loved one. Today we are focusing on how it can impact our Senior population. First Dr. Hopkins tells us the two main groups that experience loneliness the most: teenagers and seniors. Then he tells us why Seniors experience so much loneliness and social isolation. This ranges from health to financial stress, which all lead to social withdrawal. Then we discuss how the pandemic had such a huge impact on seniors and their social time. Finally, we discuss what we can do to help ourselves or other Seniors to not have the feeling of loneliness. To learn more, please visit HERE!

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