Senior Radio Buffalo episode #493- 10/07/23

Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo episode #493- 10/07/23

Segment 1 (4:41): We start today’s show with Karen Olsen, Owner, President, and Licensed Sales Representative, and Brian Worth, Business Development Director, from Clarity Group. First we discuss how Open Enrollment for Medicare is coming up and how now is the time to schedule your appointment with Clarity Group so you are ready to go. Then Karen tells us about their new location. Brian then tells us how important it is to explore your options for your Medicare Plan right now. Then we discuss how Clarity Group is very different from the 1-800 commercials you’re seeing. Finally, we discuss how they are the local experts and what to expect when you sit down with them. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, you can call 716-393-3437 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (19:57): Then we are joined by Dr. Lisa Harris, Vice President of Medical Affairs for the Commercial Line of Business at Univera Healthcare. Today our subject is Type Two Diabetes and how 1 in 4 people over the age of 65 can get diabetes. Dr. Harris tells us exactly what Type Two Diabetes is and what happens and doesn’t happen in your body if you have this. Then we discuss the complications of Type Two Diabetes and what it puts you at greater risk for. Dr. Harris then tells us how important diet is with it comes to Type Two Diabetes. Finally, we discuss who diabetes effect, if it’s genetic, and the warning signs. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (32:51): Paul, manager of our local SAS Shoes, is our next guest. We begin by talking about how once you reach 50, your feet begin having a decline in posture and feet problem begin. Paul tells us why this happens around that age and how many miles you walk in your first 50 years! Then we discuss the structure of your feet and how it declines with aging. Next we discuss how can we continue to keep moving and Paul tells us how the answer to this is a pair of SAS Shoes. We discuss the comfort and support a pair of shoes from SAS can provide, while still being stylish. Then Paul shares with us how by helping your feet you will in turn help your whole body. Finally, we discuss their Fall Sale and their Clearance Section. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (47:29): We wrap up the first half of our show with Cheryl Syta, a RN and Nurse Practitioner. She is also a Functional Medicine Health Coach and a Cancer Coach. First hear how she can help you through your cancer journey and help you feel better day to day. No matter where you are in your cancer journey, she is here to help. Next Cheryl tells us where she saw the gap when it came to cancer in the health field and what she saw she could do to help. Cheryl tells us how her patients were asking “what happens now” once they were cancer free and how there isn’t great care being provided once you reach this part of your journey. This is where she can help! To get into contact with her and her services, please call 518-300-3144 or visit HERE!

Segment 5 (1:04:04): Gina Lattuca from the Erie County SPCA is our next guest. First we discuss her Adopt a Pet she does on WBEN and how many animals have been adopted! Then Gina shares with us the many programs at the SPCA including the Golden Ears Program. There are three new programs at the SPCA that are Senior centric. Be sure to tune in to hear about the Golden Ears Program and what an incredible thing it is for Seniors and for the cats at the SPCA. Next we discuss our two other programs- especially if you love pets, but aren’t looking to adopt one. You are not going to want to miss out on these! To learn more about our incredible Erie County SPCA, please call 716-875-7360 or visit HERE!

Segment 6 (1:17:31): Then we bring you a Senior Mental Health Moment and welcome Brett Stotz, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. We begin by talking about bereavement and how we navigate this feeling. Brett shares with us how it is a life changing event and what the most important thing to know is when dealing with bereavement. He discusses how it’s important to celebrate every single thing you’re able to achieve during this time- no matter how small. It’s important to acknowledge the difficult things and acknowledge when you can do them. It’s also important to remember that it is a slow process and it’s okay to take your time. Finally, Brett tells us how it is so important to honor the person we lost. Brett gives us some great information on bereavement and how to receive the help you need.

Segment 7 (1:30:25): Our next guest is Joe from Andrew’s Estate Service. First we discuss how since Covid they have been doing virtual estate sales. Joe tells us how a virtual estate sale differs from a regular, in person estate sale. He then tells us how many buyers per sale they have and how long they run an estate sale online. Next Joe tells us how much the buyers enjoy a virtual estate sale and how much easier it is for them to find the specific items they are looking for. Finally, we discuss how you physically get your items from their virtual estate sales. To learn more about Andrew’s Estate Service, you can call 716-873-7440 or visit HERE!

Segment 8 (1:43:34): We wrap up the show with Tara and Phil, owners of R Salon. First Linda tells us how long she has been going to Phil at R Salon. Then we discuss how people have a different frame of mind about their hair since Covid. Paul tells us the things they can help with if you’re suffering hair issues from having Covid. Paul and Tara then tells us about their new product from Shinefinity, what it does, and what clients it would be great for. Finally, hear what you can get for free at R Salon if you tell them you heard them on the show when you call to book your appointment! To learn more about R Salon, please visit HERE!

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