Senior Radio Buffalo episode #488- 09/02/23

Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo episode #488- 09/02/23

Segment 1 (5:07): We start the show with Julianne Lepo, CDFA, President, and owner of Turning Tides Financial. First hear how she can help you if monetary things are holding you back from the future you want through divorce. Next Julianne shares some personal things about her that allows her to relate to women going through divorce. Then she tells us what she sees a lot of when it comes to her clients– and you will be shocked. Julianne then tells us what she can promise you as a client of hers. Finally, she shares with us even more of she sees a lot of with her clients. To learn more about how Julianne can help you, please call 716-800-4290 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (19:35): Then we welcome Cheryl Syta, a RN and Nurse Practitioner. She is also a Functional Medicine Health Coach and a Cancer Coach. First Linda tells us what a Cancer Coach does. Then Cheryl goes into great detail and tells us the wonderful things she does to help her patients that have cancer. She takes in what experience you want when handling cancer and then she goes on your plan with you to help you and give you recommendations. Your doctors are a great part of your journey, but a Cancer Coach get to know you personally and help you every step of the way. Finally, Cheryl tells us how she can do her appointments via Telehealth to make it very convenient for her patients. To get into contact with her and her services, please call 518-300-3144 or visit HERE!

Segment 3 (31:20): Next we have our segment called Senior Radio Mental Health Moment and today we welcome Brett Stotz, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. First hear where Brett practices now and where he worked before. Then he tells us what he does at Metropolitan Hospital in Manhattan and how he helps his patients. Brett then goes into detail about his private practice, how he helps his patients, and how it’s different from his role at Metropolitan Hospital. Finally, we get into the topic of stress, especially the stress that caregivers are under. We discuss caregiver burnout and if therapy can be helpful for a caregiver. Brett gives us some great information on this type of burnout and how to receive the help you need.

Segment 4 (45:51): We wrap up the first half of our show with Craig Gestring- Assistant US Attorney of the Western District of New York where he is the Chief of the White Collar General Crimes Section. Today we are talking about scams when you are using your computer or your phone. Linda and Craig discuss social media and how it may seem like it’s a fun place, but it can be very dangerous since it is unregulated and uncontrolled. Craig tells us how scammers use all of the information you post on social media against you in a scam. He goes into detail on what these scammers are doing to find out all things about you, including when you aren’t home so that they can go into your empty home. Finally, he tells us why you shouldn’t post photographs. To contact the Western District of New York, you can call 716-843-5800.

Segment 5 (1:03:54): We start the second half of our show with Kerry Peek, Director of Senior Services at the Cheektowaga Senior Center. Kerry talks about the stereotypes of Senior Centers and how it’s not what this Center is about! There is so much happening and so many amazing things to do. She then tells us that even if you don’t live close to the Cheektowaga Senior Center, you should still check out the Senior Center in your community. Then hear about their meal programs at the Center and what’s available if you are not able to get out of your home and into the Senior Center. They do not want you hungry and there are many options they offer to get you meals. Then we discuss their transportation help, help with continued education, and travel opportunities. There are some many exciting things happening! Finally, we discuss their last concert on August 29th. To learn more, please call 716-686-3930 or visit HERE!

Segment 6 (1:18:13): Our next guest is Joe from Andrew’s Estate Service. First we discuss what they do for their clients and how they use modern practices to do it. Next we discuss their new practice of virtual estate sales. Joe tells us how not only do the sellers love this practice, but how the buyers love it, too. Joe then tells us why they love it so much, including the multiple and fantastic pictures they take, including any scratches or marks. We then discuss their detailed descriptions and their importance. Finally, hear about their professional dispersal system. To learn more about Andrew’s Estate Service, you can call 716-873-7440 or visit HERE!

Segment 7 (1:31:39): Next we welcome Paul, manager of our local SAS Shoes. First we discuss their end of Summer Clearance Sale. First we discuss how they have footwear for people of all ages, especially for people who experience foot issues. Then Paul tells us how it’s possible to repair the shoes you get from them since they are made so well. Next he tells us a story of a customer who came in experiencing very swollen feet and what they did for her by going to their shoe repair man who is a few doors down. They truly go out of their way for customer service! Finally, hear the variety of ways they can adjust a shoe to fit each individual’s feet. To learn more about their amazing shoes, please visit HERE!

Segment 8 (1:47:05): We wrap up today’s show with Tara and Phil, owners of R Salon. First hear how Linda has been going to Phil for years and where they are located. Next we discuss if people have a different frame of mind since the pandemic when it comes to their hair. Next they tells us how clients who have had Covid are having hair issues and what they are seeing in their salon and how they can help. Then they tell us about their new product Shinefinity, what it is, and what client it would be best for. Finally, hear what you can get for free at R Salon if you tell them you heard them on the show when you call to book your appointment! To learn more about R Salon, please visit HERE!

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