Senior Radio Buffalo episode #482- 07/22/23

Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo episode #482- 07/22/23

Segment 1 (3:43): We start the show with local discrimination attorney Lindy Korn. Today we are talking about a current case involving Dr. Hweng, who is on the show, too. First he shares with us a little about him and how he was looking for a job at UB. He then shares with us what he has done in the Pediatric world and why he is internationally known. Then Lindy tells us when the issues started and who they filed a complaint with. Lindy shares with us how he was denied tenured and fired from his position. Lindy then shares with us some strange things that have happened when he took the job at UB and how they intend to find out why this happened during litigation. To learn more on how Lindy can help you, please call 716-856-KORN or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (18:40): Next we are joined by Paul, manager of our local SAS Shoes. First hear how they aren’t selling you ugly orthopedic shoes, they are selling you beautiful, handmade shoes! Then hear why this is the perfect time to visit SAS Shoes for their Summer Sale on sandals! Find out what to mention to get a great deal. Paul then tells us they also have another sale happening on other shoes from 40-60% off. Paul also shares with us that they have golf shoes, sneakers, boots, and dress shoes. Paul then talks about how people come in with foot issues and how SAS can help align your feet, balance you, and make you comfortable in great looking shoes. To find out more, please call 716-631-1002 or visit HERE!

Segment 3 (31:13): Then we welcome Dr. Steven Novelli, a Chiropractic Physician at, and owner of, Novelli Wellness Center. First hear some examples of patients that he sees and their ailments. We are also joined by one of his patients, Zeta, who has been a patient since May. Zeta shares with us some of her story and when/how her pain started. She tells us how she found out about Dr. Novelli and how she decided to make an appointment and give his services a try. Be sure to tune in to hear how Zeta felt relief after her very first appointment. Finally, Dr. Novelli gives us some in depth information about his free Thursday night treatments that you must give a try. To learn more about the Novelli Wellness Center and everything Dr. Novelli can do for you, please call 716-45-SPINE, 71-222-KNEE, or visit HERE! 

Segment 4 (46:13): We wrap up the first half of our show with Julianne Lepo, CDFA, President, and owner of Turning Tides Financial. First hear at what times in your life she can help you. We discuss how she can sit down with you before, after, and during your divorce and look at your finances and tell you where you stand. Next we talk about “grey divorce” and how it’s okay to not stay in your marriage if you are not happy, even if you have been married for a long time. Next, hear exactly what Julianne does and how she can help you move forward and understand your finances. Finally, you need to hear what the most common thing women hear from their spouse when they tell their spouse they want a divorce. Linda all talks about narcissism. To learn more about how Julianne can help you, please call 716-800-4290 or visit HERE!

Segment 5 (1:02:17): We start the second half of our show with Barbara Hughes, the General Manager of AAA Group Travel. Barbara has planned some amazing upcoming trips partnered with Senior Radio Buffalo! Then Barbara tells us some of her best travel experiences and how you can experience it, too. Next we start talking about our trips. Tune in to hear about the first one: European Christmas Markets from November 25th-December 5th. Barbara goes into detail about this amazing trip and tells us some of the cities and sites we will see. Linda and Barbara also tell us what is included and the price. Finally, Barbara tells us about the next trip which takes us to Hawaii. She tells us about the trip, where the trip leaves from, and Linda tells us the itinerary which leads us to a cruise in the Hawaiian islands. This trip is from January 25th-February 4th and Barbara tells us the price. If you’re interested in either trip you can visit our site or call Kristen at 716-630-3750.

Segment 6 (1:16:49): In this segment, we bring to you a Senior Mental Health Moment and today we welcome Brett Stotz, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. We begin by talking about bereavement and how we navigate this feeling. Brett shares with us how it is a life changing event and what the most important thing to know is when dealing with bereavement. He discusses how it’s important to celebrate every single thing you’re able to achieve during this time- no matter how small. It’s important to acknowledge the difficult things and acknowledge when you can do them. It’s also important to remember that it is a slow process and it’s okay to take your time. Finally, Brett tells us how it is so important to honor the person we lost. Brett gives us some great information on bereavement and how to receive the help you need.

Segment 7 (1:31:11): Then we are joined by Joe from Andrew’s Estate Service. First we discuss the initial evaluation and consultation you will have when you first call them. Joe tells us why this is so important for him and their clients. Joe goes into detail of what happens next at an in person consultation, how long it may take, and the fee. He gives us a great step by step about what to expect from them, what they’re looking at, and how it’s always safety first. Finally, hear how Andrew’s Estate Service will always be transparent with you. To learn more, please call 716-873-7440 or visit HERE!

Segment 8 (1:46:31): We wrap up the show with Dr. Ashleigh Robinson, Founder of and a Dentist with, AccommoDental. First she tells us how long she has been doing dental house calls and how she can do them all around Western New York. Then we talk about how everyday is different with what she does and how much she loves it. She also tells us one of her favorite parts of being able to visit patients in their home. Next hear the variety of services she can do in your home and the few things she cannot. Finally, we go into detail about the routine cleanings she can do at home and how important these cleanings are for your dental health. To find out more, please visit HERE or call 716-525-8228.

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