Senior Radio Buffalo episode #481- 07/15/23

Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo episode #481- 07/15/23

Segment 1 (3:58): We start the show with Paul, manager of our local SAS Shoes. First hear why this is the perfect time to visit SAS Shoes for their Summer Sale on sandals! Find out what to mention to get a great deal. Paul then tells us they also have another sale happening on other shoes from 40-60% off. Next hear what kinds of sandals they have- you will be shocked to hear the brands, sizes, and colors offered. Then we discuss how even if you wear orthotics, you can still wear SAS sandals! Finally, we discuss their sneaker selection- whether it’s for Pickleball, walking, or whatever you are up to this summer- they have the sneaker for you. Be sure to tune in to hear all about their shoe selection. To find out more, please call 716-631-1002 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (18:22): Our next guest is Karen A. Olson, Owner, Vice-President, and Licensed Sales Representative from Clarity Group. First we discuss how they are open all year, not just for Open Enrollment. Karen shares with us what will happen when you call Clarity Group and what will happen once you go in and see them for a Medicare Plan. Karen tells us how their whole goal is to find the perfect plan for you and your needs. Karen also shares why it’s so important to find the right dental plan on Medicare. Next Karen explains why it’s so important to take note of Urgent Care Services when choosing a Medicare Plan- especially if you travel. Finally, hear what they love to do in the community. . To learn more about them and for any information you need, please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (33:07): Next we welcome Dr. Hopkins, Senior Medical Director of Behavioral Health at Univera Healthcare. First we discuss how he is seeing added stress and anxiety among people since the Pandemic. Dr. Hopkins tells us some things that we could be feeling because of what went on during the Pandemic and how it made us feel how we are now. He tells us how people are reporting higher stress and anxiety. Then he shares with us the early warning signs we may experience that means we could have stress, anxiety, and depression. He then tells us how these signs may mean we need some help. Finally, Dr. Hopkins tells us what to do if we feel like something is wrong and how to talk to your doctor. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (48:05): We wrap up the first half of our show with Julianne Lepo, CDFA, President, and owner of Turning Tides Financial. First hear at what times in your life she can help you. We discuss how she can sit down with you before, after, and during your divorce and look at your finances and tell you where you stand. Next we talk about “grey divorce” and how it’s okay to not stay in your marriage if you are not happy, even if you have been married for a long time. Next, hear exactly what Julianne does and how she can help you move forward and understand your finances. Finally, you need to hear what the most common thing women hear from their spouse when they tell their spouse they want a divorce. Linda all talks about narcissism. To learn more about how Julianne can help you, please call 716-800-4290 or visit HERE!

Segment 5 (1:05:24): We start the second half of our show with Dr. Steven Novelli, a Chiropractic Physician at, and owner of, Novelli Wellness Center. First hear how chronic pain can keep you from doing things, but how he can help. Next he tells us about his Knee Centers of America and how they can help you with knee pain. Dr. Novelli tells us the amazing things they can do to fix your knee pain. Then we welcome one of Dr. Novelli’s patients Tim who has been a patient for four months. Tim tells us how he has been a patient for four months, took a chance on the free treatment Dr. Novelli offers, and how this has all helped him and his pain. Tim tells us the improvements he has seen in the past four months in his quality of life. To learn more about the Novelli Wellness Center and everything Dr. Novelli can do for you, please call 716-45-SPINE, 71-222-KNEE, or visit HERE! 

Segment 6 (1:19:17): Next we are joined by Carol Ruth, Professional Astrologer, psychic, teacher, author, and artist seen at The Awaken Boutique at the McKinley Mall. Today Carol has Linda’s astrological chart and tells us all about it. Carol goes into great detail and shares with us so many things she can find out from reading someone’s chart. You are not going to want to miss all of this information she has on Linda’s chart! To make an appointment with Carol, please call or text 716-560-9077.

Segment 7 (1:32:31): Next we welcome local discrimination attorney Lindy Korn her client Gary Ostrum, who filed a lawsuit in April against his employer for terminating him due to his age after working there for 28 years. First hear about his successes at G.A. Braun Inc. and then the event that led to him being fired because of a clip of a film in a presentation. We go into detail about the 8 minute clip and how it was shown before at company events with no complaints. He then explained how the suspension and termination happened without warning or a formal write up. Lindy then tells us why age discrimination is an uphill battle to prove in a court case. She even gives us specific examples with this with Gary’s case and how age discrimination is never goes away. Finally, we discuss how these discrimination cases can affect you mentally, physically, and emotionally, how discrimination is a health issue, and how counseling can help. To learn more on how Lindy can help you, please call 716-856-KORN or visit HERE!

Segment 8 (1:48:00): We wrap up the show by discussing the upcoming AAA Group Travel trips partnered with Senior Radio, with Barbara Hughes, the General Manager of AAA Group Travel. Be sure to tune in to hear about the European Christmas Market Trip from November 25th-December 5th. There is also the Hawaiian Islands cruise trip from January 25th-February 4th. Linda and Barbara go into detail about both of these trips and why group travel is the best! If you’re interested in either trip you can visit our site or call Kristen at 716-630-3750- don’t wait! Spots are filling up fast!

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