Senior Radio Buffalo episode #468- 04/15/23

Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo episode #468- 04/15/23

Segment 1 (4:40): We start the show with Sally Stier, Owner, President and Licensed Sales Representative of The Clarity Group. We start by talking how right now we are in a Special Enrollment Period. Sally tells us how some people may qualify during this time to still make a change to your Medicare Plan and what some of those reasons are. Next we discuss how people who may just be moving into Western New York may need to make some changes. Sally also tells us the time period where your insurance company can drop you if you have moved. This may seem like a lot to handle, but The Clarity Group can help! Finally, we talk about snowbirds and how that affects Medicare. To learn more about The Clarity Group or to schedule and appointment, please call 716-393-3437 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (19:46): Next we welcome Brad and Brian Stamm from The Stamm Law Firm. Today we are talking about retirement and how an attorney can help you plan. First we talk about the “Five Year Look Back” rule. We discuss how you can protect yourself and your assets, and plan so you’re prepared if you need to go into a nursing home. They are extremely expensive, and everyone may not have a plan for this. We also discuss how Medicaid comes into play and how The Stamm Law Firm can help you have a plan to have Medicaid cover your retirement home expenses. Finally, hear how The Stamm Law Firm goes about making this plan for you. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (32:06): Our next segment features Paul, manager of our local SAS Shoes. We start with a personal story from Linda who purchased some shoes from SAS Shoes for her son. Tune in to hear this awesome success story! Paul then tells us about their Annual Spring Sale they’re having and that Route 5 Boots is having next door. Be sure to hear what this awesome sale is. Paul also shares some information on the great brands they carry, including the SAS brand. Next hear how they carry a huge array of sizes and widths- from very narrow to very wide. Finally, hear what happens when you go into SAS Shoes and the customer experience you will receive. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (47:06): Then we are joined by Dr. Ken Dill Pharm.D., BCPS (Board certified pharmacotherapy specialist) and Catholic Medical Partners Clinical Pharmacy Specialist. Today we are talking about Covid and we begin by discussing if we should still be worried about Covid. Then we discuss the symptoms of Covid, how to have a heightened sense of Covid if you are at high risk, and what puts people at high risk for Covid. Then we discuss the treatments of Covid. Tune in to find out how they work and if they are similar to Tamiflu. Finally we talk about who a candidate would be for Covid treatment, where you go for treatment, how often you need the treatments, and if there are any possible side effects for getting treatment. If you test positive for COVID, talk to your primary care physician about which treatment option is best for you. To find a CMP member physician, visit HERE! and click on “Provider & Facility Locator” at the top of the page.

Segment 5 (1:03:12): We start the second half of our show with Jennifer, the affiliate chair of Western New York of PanCAN (Pancreatic Cancer Action Network). We are also joined by Dr. Ethan Abel, Asst. Professor of Oncology at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, where he is doing research for pancreatic cancer. Jennifer first tells us her personal connection as to why she is affiliated with PanCAN. She also shares her personal goal when it comes to pancreatic cancer. Dr. Abel then tells us where we are with pancreatic cancer compared to 10 years ago. Next we discuss some tests that can be done in order to detect pancreatic cancer earlier. Then we discuss warning signs of pancreatic cancer. Finally, we discuss the event coming up on April 29th to help fight pancreatic cancer. To sign up for the event, please visit HERE! To learn more about PanCAN, you can visit HERE!

Segment 6 (1:18:37): Then we welcome Kerry Peek, Director of the Cheektowaga Senior Center. First we talk about how diverse our Senior Group is and all of the things Kerry hears that they want to do. Kerry is hearing how many seniors want to go back to work. She tells us how they are having a Senior Job Fair on April 26th, held at the Cheektowaga Senior Center, from 2-4pm. They are going to have employers there who have senior friendly, part time work. She also tells us some of the businesses that will be there and a group who can look over your resume. There is no registration needed for you to come to this event. The next piece of the Senior Job Fair is a dinner on April 26, that needs registration, but it is free to attend. There will be mini seminars between each part of the meal. To register for this event please call 716-686-3930. To learn more about the Senior Canter, please visit HERE!

Segment 7 (1:31:17): Next Michael, Executive Director of the South Buffalo Community Association who is also running the Tosh Collins Senior Center joins Linda. First we talk about how they were closed during Covid. Then hear how they have been reopened for about a year and a half and how much their memberships and programs are growing. Then Michael and Linda talk about the stereotypes of Senior Centers and how they are not correct– Senior Centers are SO much fun! Next we talk about some of their fitness classes. Finally, we talk about the importance of being social at your Senior Center and how much better it will be than just sitting at home alone. To learn more please visit HERE!

Segment 8 (1:45:11): We wrap up the show with Dr. Dana Robbins, Physical Therapist and Founder/Executive Director of Home & Happy talks with Linda. Home & Happy is a nonprofit organization to keep older adults at home as long as possible. Dr. Robbins shares some of her history and what led her to create Home & Happy. She then tells us how physical therapy can help with everyday movements like getting in and out of the car or bathtub. Her goal is to get patients the equipment they need to be able to move and be independent. Her goal is to collect great equipment and reuse it for other seniors in their home. They can also help provide financial support if you need larger equipment. They work with anyone 65 years or older in Western New York. Then hear how they will drop off the equipment, set it up, and train you and/or your caregiver on how to use it. Finally, hear how they completely run off of donations. To find out how you can help, donate, or to find out more information, please call 716-217-5644 or visit HERE!

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