Senior Radio Buffalo episode #465- 03/25/23

Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo
Senior Radio Buffalo episode #465- 03/25/23

Segment 1 (4:02): We start today’s show with Professional Psychic Astrologer Carol Ruth. First hear where you can see her most often and what she can do for you. Then Carol tells us how long she has been doing this for. Today she shares with us some insight on the rough past few years we all have been experiencing. Hear how important it is to get rid of fear, have goals, and look forward to the future. Next she shares some information on Tumble Stones, towers, and crystals that you can find at Awaken Boutique. Carol gives us some great detail on what a light Awaken Boutique is in the mall, what they offer, and where it is in the mall. To learn more about what Carol can do for you, please visit the Awaken Boutique or text Carol at 716-560-9077.

Segment 2 (20:24): Our second segment of today’s show features Lisa one of the Vice President’s of The Clarity Group. We begin talking about the knowledge The Clarity Group has on Medicare and how they can bring this information to you so you aren’t alone trying to figure it all out. They know about local and national plans and with their 29 agents, they can help you. They can also help you with Medicare all year round since all they focus on is Medicare. They take in everything you need: prescriptions, doctors, and health wants/desires to find the perfect plan for you. They are passionate about taking care of their clients every single day throughout the year! Finally, hear how they can come to you if you cannot make it to one of their four locations, or can even come to a business for your employees! To learn more about how The Clarity Group can help you with everything Medicare, please visit HERE! or call 716-393-3437.

Segment 3 (33:12): Next we talk about the topic of Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). We will be discussing this topic with Dr. John Legarreta, a board-certified ophthalmologist providing comprehensive medical and surgical eyecare since 2015. He practices at Legarreta Eye Care and is also a Catholic Member Physician. First hear what AMD is. Next Dr. Legarreta tells us the symptoms and how they can vary depending on if it’s early state or late stage, including blurry vision. Then we discuss the differences between “wet” and “dry” Macular Degeneration. Next hear what the only way to get diagnosed is. Finally, hear the great news for patients with late stage dry Macular Degeneration. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Legarreta please call 716-633-2203 or visit HERE! To find a Catholic Medical Partner member physician in any specialty, please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (49:04): Then we welcome Paul, manager of our local SAS Shoes. Today we are talking about foot issues we may suffer from and how no matter what you are dealing with, they can help find the perfect shoe for you. Paul shares with us how foot pain can really have a negative effect on your life and how it can turn into less mobility and increase the risk of falling. Next hear how women are suffering the most with foot pain and what it is causing now in our senior years. Then hear the relationship between pain in your feet, knees, and back. Finally, hear what SAS Shoes offers you in customer service and products of footwear that can drastically improve your pain. To learn more and to find their location, please visit HERE!

Segment 5 (1:05:25): The beginning of the second half of the show starts with Dr. Dana Robbins, Physical Therapist and Founder/Executive Director of Home & Happy. Home & Happy is a nonprofit organization to keep older adults at home as long as possible. Dr. Robbins shares with us why she started this amazing organization in 2022 and how she saw a need to fill the gaps insurance creates with their lack of coverage and assistance. Next Dr. Robbins tells us about their three different programs and the stages they can help you in. Their website is full of information and blog posts to help. To find out how you can help, donate, or to find out more information, please call 716-217-5644 or visit HERE!

Segment 6 (1:20:37): Our sixth segment today is with Natalie Barnhard, founder and originator of The Motion Project. First hear how it is an incredible recovery gym and where it is located. Hear how it is a place where people in wheelchairs can workout with specialized equipment. Natalie shares with us how they can get people out of their wheelchairs to workout, too. Natalie shares her personal story with us and what led her to create The Motion Project. Then hear the newest technology they have- even compared to last year and their partnership with The University of Buffalo. Finally, hear about the events they have coming up. To learn more and to support The Motional Project, please visit HERE!

Segment 7 (1:33:40): Next we welcome Jennifer, Director of the West Seneca Senior Center. First hear how long she has been the Director. Then we discuss some of their fitness services, where they are located, and what the biggest surprise will be when you go there. Then we talk about their monthly newsletter that can keep you up to date on everything going on. They also have a very up to date website that we will link at the end. Then Jennifer shares with us their hours and how there is NO membership fee! Even meals and transportation are donation through the county. She does share with us the fees for the gym and some live events, but how Medicare can cover gym fees. Finally, hear how our Senior Centers today are different from what you may have stereotyped in your head. To learn more about the West Seneca Senior Center, please call 716-675-9288 or visit HERE!

Segment 8 (1:47:48): We wrap up the show with  Mr. Fitness himself- Richard Derwald, a Senior Consultant at Erie County Senior Services. Today he tells us about Senior of the Month and how it is back after a break during Covid. First hear why it was started and what it is– honoring the unsung heroes of our community. Next Richard discusses the Volunteer Senior Program. Linda and Richard discuss the amazing number of volunteers we are lucky to have in our community. Finally, hear how to nominate someone for Senior of the Month. To learn more about Erie County Senior Services, please visit HERE!

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