Senior Radio Buffalo episode #455- 01/14/23

Senior Radio Buffalo episode #455- 01/14/23

Segment 1 (2:58): We start the show with Brad, Brian, and Amanda from The Stamm Law Firm and we begin by talking about The Stamm Basic Three. First we talk about what this means. Second hear how so many people don’t want to deal with the legal documents for their future, but they are afraid of losing control. They share what happens if you do not have these documents in place– and it can include people that you don’t want in your business. Hear how the Stamm Basic Three are the documents that are the cornerstone of protecting yourself and your assets. Next hear it does not matter your age of when to get these things taken care of. To learn more about how to be sure you have control of your future, please visit HERE!

Segment 2 (18:02): Next we welcome Dr. Richard Bloomberg, a General Surgeon at Surgical Associates of Western New York, partnered with Catholic Medical Partners. Today we are discussing gallbladder attacks. First we discuss where the gallbladder is and what it does. Next Dr. Bloomberg tells us it is not a required organ. Dr. Bloomberg then tells us the symptoms of a gallbladder attack and where a patient will feel pain. Then Linda asks if this is hereditary and Dr. Bloomberg tells us some other factors that come into play. Finally, we discuss gallstones and what they are made of and what you can do to prevent gallbladder issues or before you go to surgery. To learn more, please call Surgical Associates of Western New York at 716-677-5500 or visit Catholic Medical Partners HERE!

Segment 3 (30:06): Then we are joined by local discrimination attorney Lindy Korn who is the founder of The Law Office of Lindy Korn. Today we are talking about a case that involved protecting against retaliation. We are discussing a current case from September 30th where the plaintiff is an inmate who filed a grievance against correction officers. In retaliation, the officers did some false things to go against him. Hear from Lindy to hear if inmates have free speech rights and how that works. Lindy goes into deep detail of this very interesting case. To learn more about what Lindy does, please call 716-856-KORN or visit HERE!

Segment 4 (44:44): We wrap up today’s great show with Roxanne, owner and founder of Elder Care Solutions of Western New York. Today we talk about the planning that needs to take place when talking about retirement. Linda and Roxanne discuss why people think they don’t need to do any additional planning once they hit retirement, even though they should be planning for their health, finances, etc. Then we touch on different insurances and how you need to look at them once you retire from your job. Then hear what the greatest gift is that you can give your family- you will be shocked. Finally, hear how Roxanne can help with plans for your future or a loved one’s future. To learn more about the amazing services she offers, please visit HERE!

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