Senior Radio Buffalo episode #450- 12/03/22

Senior Radio Buffalo episode #450- 12/03/22

Segment 1 (5:21): We start the show with Marla Duerr, Vice President of Patient Care Services at Catholic Health Home with Catholic Medical Partners. Today we are discussing how during the holidays is a good time to be aware that a loved one may need some help at home. Marla shares with us some examples and things to look for to help your loved one. It could be something added to their home, taken out of their home, or a need for professional help to come in. It’s all about safety for our loved one and how they are managing in the home. Also hear how their physical appearance plays a role here. Please tune in to hear these great tips. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 2 (20:11): Next we welcome Barbara Jacobs, who is the manager of the People Inc. Pine Senior Living Apartments in Lockport and Carol Marsh, a tenant. First hear how long Carol has lived in these apartments, how she found it, and what she likes about it. Next, we hear from Barbara who is a manager at one of the locations of the apartments for People Inc. She shares some information about her location, rent prices, and more. Then hear what is included in rent and if there are any vacancies. Finally, we hear about other locations, new locations, and why Carol loves living there so much and how pets are welcome! To learn more you can call 716-880-3890 or visit HERE!

Segment 3 (34:34): Next we are joined by Sally, President, Lisa, Vice President, and Karen, Vice President, from The Clarity Group. Today we are talking about the upcoming Open Enrollment and Annual Election Period. First hear how they are local and about there four offices and how they are open all year round. Next we talk what you can do during this time and why October 15th is so important! Plus hear the new options available this year and improvements that have been made. Finally, we hear about one of their clients who had an extremely bad issues with one of these commercials. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (49:24): We wrap up the show with DeeDee Pierce, who is the Quality Improvement Clinical Pharmacist with Univera Healthcare. Today we are talking about our need to vaccine and why they are is important to us as we age. Hear how they are vital in keeping us healthy and keeping these viruses away from us or lessening their effect. Next hear how Univera helps with the cost of vaccines and what Medicare covers when it comes to vaccines. Finally, hear how staying as healthy as possible should be our goal and what you can do to achieve this. To learn more, please visit HERE!

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