Senior Radio Buffalo episode #449- 11/26/22

Senior Radio Buffalo episode #449- 11/26/22

Segment 1 (4:28): We start the show with discrimination lawyer Lindy Korn and today we are talking about retaliation. We are discussing a current case from September 30th where the plaintiff is an inmate who filed a grievance against correction officers. In retaliation, the officers did some false things to go against him. Hear from Lindy to hear if inmates have free speech rights and how that works. Lindy goes into deep detail of this very interesting case. To learn more about what Lindy does, please visit HERE!

Segment 2 (21:01): Next we are joined by founder and owner of Elder Care Solutions of Western New York, Roxanne. First hear what personal connection led her to create Elder Care Solutions of Western New York. Next Linda and Roxanne talk about how the holidays are coming up and you will be with family. This could be the perfect time to talk to your loved ones about what their plan for the future is and how using a service like what Roxanne does could be something perfect with them. Roxanne gives some tips on how to have this conversation. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (34:11): Then we welcome Brad, Brian, and Amanda from The Stamm Law Firm and today we are talking about The Basic Three: your Power of Attorney, your will, and your healthcare proxy. We tie this in with how having the three of these planned, you keep control of your future. There many be other documents you need as well, but The Basic Three are where to start and absolutely essential for every person- no matter your age. Also, we discuss the importance of a healthcare proxy. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (49:26): We wrap up the show with Tara and Phil, co-owners of R Salon. First hear where they are located. First hear how clients have a different frame of mind after the pandemic and what he has seen clients suffer from if they had Covid. Next Phil talks about how many clients are going natural and a new product they have that can help this. Tara then talks about the frizz clients are experiencing and the keratin treatments that can help. To see all of their services, please visit HERE!

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