Segment 1 (3:37): We start the show with Cindy Will from Independent Health. First hear what is a chronic condition and why it is important to manage them, especially during COVID-19. Next hear how many Americans suffer from chronic conditions. Then Cindy shares tips on what the very first things you can do to help your condition and what can happen if you are not taking your medication. Finally, hear advice on how to be a better healthcare consumer. To learn more, visit HERE!

Segment 2 (18:06): We wrap up the show with Dave Shenk, Commissioner of Erie County Senior Services, and Alex Lauer, the Coordinator of the volunteers from the Erie County RSVP Program. First Linda and Dave discuss what is new at the Senior Services and changes happening since we are at the tail end of COVID-19, including the opening of the dining program! He also discusses what is happening online for our seniors during the closures including Zoom and Facebook Live. Next hear how they are looking for volunteers and how you can help. Finally, hear fom Alex who talks about how important and amazing their volunteers are and how they honor them. To learn more about their services for seniors, the RSVP Program, or how to volunteer, please visit HERE!

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