Segment 1 (2:41): Linda starts the show with Dr. Shiferlee from the UB School of Dental Medicine. Today they are discussing the gum study that they need participants for. Hear what the study is and how they are looking for patients with diabetes and gum disease. Tune in to hear what you need to be qualified for to be in the study and the services you will receive. Finally, hear why they are doing this study. To participate in the study you can call 829-6306 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (17:56): We wrap up the show with Steve Elwell, the Chief Investment Officer and Partner at Level Financial Advisors. First hear how they can talk to you about where you are today, how your finances look for the future, and any investments you may have. Find out how they can help with you long term strategies to make you comfortable financially in the future. To learn more you can call (716) 634-6113 or visit HERE!

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