Segment 1 (2:53): Linda’s first guest is Steve Elwell, the Chief Investment Officer and Partner at Level Financial Advisors. First hear what they do, the people that come to them, and the questions they receive. Next hear how they are a “fee only firm” and what that means for you as a client. Finally, hear how knowledgeable they are and how they are here to protect your money. To learn more about Level Financial Advisors you can call (716) 634-6113 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (18:27): Linda wraps up the show with Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation member Lou Piccone. First hear how his generation of players still have a voice in the Buffalo community. Next hear about the football players of 93 and before, and how some of them are struggling now. Hear about the Foundation that helps these players. Finally, hear about the Senior Radio Fall Festival where Lou will be the special guest! It will be held at The Belvedere on Saturday, September 28th, from 10am-3pm. Hear about special prizes, events, and vendors! To find out more you can visit our website HERE!

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