Segment 1 (1:17): Linda starts the show with Professional Astrologer and Psychic Carol Ruth. First hear where she is located and when she is available. Next hear about the astrological charts she does and why it is so important to know your time of birth for this reading. She did a reading for Linda– tune in to hear about it! Finally, hear why it is so important to look forward to your future and how it is never too late to get a chart done. To learn more about Carol visit HERE!

Segment 2 (16:45): Linda wraps up the show with Melissa Able (Senior Program Coordinator), Christina Yensan (Public Relations Coordinator), and Angela Jones (Social Case Worker) from the Amherst Center for Senior Services. First hear about their upcoming Expo on October 23rd from 4-7pm. Tune in to hear about different insurance carriers, travel companies, exercise classes, clubs, and entertainment that will be at the Expo! Finally, hear about how they are always adding new programs/classes and how there will definitely be something you will enjoy! To learn more about the Amherst Center for Senior Services visit HERE!

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