Segment 1 (2:56): Linda starts the show with Joe, Amy, and Joe from Andrew’s Estate Service. First hear what it is they do for people, the services they offer, and when they got started with their business. Next hear how they used to be teachers, then caregivers, and how those careers have helped them with that they do now! Finally hear about the theme baskets they create and how important they are to the client and the community. To learn more about Andrew’s Estate Service you can call 873-7440 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (17:47): Linda wraps up the show with Steve from Level Financial Advisors. First hear who should come and see them and when you should. Next hear the benefits of coming to see them if you are a married couple. Finally, hear about survivor benefits if you are a widower. To learn more about Level Financial Advisors you can call (716) 634-6113 or visit HERE!

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