Segment 1 (2:38): Today Linda starts the show with talking to one of our listeners Craig Bowman who is a registered holistic nutritionist. Find out from Craig how much he loves our Sunday morning show! Next Linda talks to Craig about being a nutritionist and using alternative medicine and what got him into his field. Find out what happened in Craig’s life that led him to want to be a nutritionist. Finally, find out the immediate things you can do to change your life and take control of your life! Do you want to get a hold of us? You can always call the Linda Line at 716-324-5222.

Segment 2 (18:03): Linda wraps up our show with our Executive Producer Joe DeNisco. First Joe shares why he started Senior Radio and the concept he built behind it. Next Joe and Linda discuss their partners who come on the air and all of the incredible things they really do in our community. Finally, hear about our new Senior Radio Listeners Line- the Linda Line! If you have comments, questions, or want to be a guest just give us a call at 716-324-5222! You can also always get in touch with us through our website HERE!

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