Segment 1 (2:41): Linda’s first guests are Mark and Roseanne from the Hamburg Dept. of Youth Recreation and Senior Services. First hear about the program for independent seniors and all of the activities, clubs, and meals they offer. Next hear how to become a member or go to the classes and the fees they have. Finally, hear from Roseanne and the Adult Day Care they offer for Seniors who may have an impairment. Tune in to learn all of the programs they offer to get out of the home and make some friends! To learn more you can call 646-0665 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (17:59): We end today’s show with Greg, Brad, and Brian from The Stamm Law Firm. First hear how many lawyers are in their firm and how that is so beneficial to you as a client. Next hear how important it is to them for their clients to feel comfortable and how the first meeting is so everyone can get to know one another. They want to be in your life for the long run and if there isn’t something they can handle they will get you a lawyer who can that they trust. Finally, hear how if you are planning a will it is okay to being your accountant, financial planner, etc. so that everyone can come with a cohesive plan that is perfect for you. To learn more about The Stamm’s you can visit HERE!

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