Senior Radio Buffalo Sunday Morning Edition episode #191- 05/19/19

Segment 1 (4:09): Linda’s first guest is Gina from Experimac. First hear where they are located and what their hours are for the week. Next hear about their different classes every week on Tuesday nights. Next they discuss the security given with an Apple product and how it is by far better than any other security out there. Hear how Apple takes care of a virus, so you don’t ever have to worry about it. Finally, hear everything Experimac can help with including help with changing the font size of your text on your phone, brightness, and how a hearing aid can connect. To learn more you can call 716-608-6874 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 ( 19:22): Linda ends the show with Mr. Fitness- Richard Derwald! Linda and Richard discuss how May is Older Adults Month and how to stay healthy as you get older. Next Richard discusses getting older and how your health isn’t what happens to you in life, it is how you handle it. Richard shares a very personal story to show how many things in life can bring us down, but you have to get up and push through. Hear how negativity can bring you down more than anything! Check out the After 50 Magazine for Richard’s article about supplements!

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