Senior Radio Buffalo Sunday Morning Edition episode #187- 05/05/19

Segment 1 (2:59): Linda starts the show with Professional Astrologer and Psychic Carol Ruth. First hear her experience, the services she offers, and where her office is. Carol shares her work with the astrology chart/ the moon cycle and how it can come into play from ages 55-81. She then talks about Saturn Return and what ages that comes into play for you. Finally, hear the reading Carol did on our Executive Producer Joe DeNisco. To learn more about Carol visit HERE!

Segment 2 (18:06): Linda wraps up the show with The Care Connection. First hear what The Care Connection is, what they do, and how long they have been in business for. Next, hear about their 3rd Annual Diaper Drive on May 11. They are looking for all kinds of diapers to be donated to families that need them. To learn more about The Care Connection and the upcoming diaper drive visit HERE!

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