Senior Radio Buffalo Sunday Morning Edition episode #185- 04/28/19

Segment 1 (5:22): Linda starts the show with our Executive Producer Joe DeNisco and they are talking about the upcoming Tuscan Adventure this October with Go Ahead Tours! First hear how Joe customizes these trips and some of the amazing activities that they will be doing during the Tuscan Adventure. Next hear everything Go Ahead provides for you on the trip and how they make it completely worry and stress free for you. To learn more about Go Ahead Tours and to get information on the Tuscan Adventure call 1-800-438-7672 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (20:58): Linda wraps up the show with Conner Knapp who is the founder of Sterling Heart Care. First hear what they do, what they focus on, and how it could be useful for you if you suffer from health issues like poor circulation. Next hear how they operate their sessions and set you up on a schedule. Then Conner describes the cuffs used for treatment and how they work. Finally, Conner and Linda share all of the benefits this treatment has and how it can greatly improve your blood flow and body. To learn more you can call 529-3131 or visit HERE!

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