Senior Radio Buffalo Sunday Morning Edition episode #183- 04/21/19

Segment 1 (1:10): Linda starts the show with Richard Derwald- Mr. Fitness! First, Richard discusses that no matter our age, we all have a purpose and we all have a future to look forward to. He advises that no matter the hardships of your past, you have to move forward and enjoy your life! You should never hold on to past negativity as it is bad for your current health. Finally, he discusses how important exercise is for your body and more importantly your brain! Learn how to work in exercise and move, even if you are feeling down and how you can find places to do these things for free!

Segment 2 (17:16): Linda ends the show with Steve Zaly who is the author of a book on paratroopers during WWII called “They are Only Gone if They are Forgotten”. Tune in to hear how his book has a personal touch, how it affected his family, and what happened after the war for all of these men. Finally hear a little history of these men. To purchase the book visit HERE!

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