Senior Radio Buffalo episode #463- 03/11/23

Senior Radio Buffalo episode #463- 03/11/23

Segment 1 (4:04): We start the show with local discrimination attorney Lindy Korn. Today we are discussing age discrimination. Lindy starts by talking about how discrimination causes health harm including physical health, mental health, or a flare up of a previous health diagnosis. She explains that that is why she tries to get her clients in and out of the system as quickly as possible to protect their health. And this leads to why the therapeutic community is such an important connection to what she does. Next we talk to Bradley Hamm, founder and therapist of A Peace of My Mind Licensed Clinical Social Work. We discuss how he helps our senior community and how there is a stigma of our generation to not share how they’re feeling. Finally, Bradley tells us the effects chronic stress has on our mental and physical health. To learn more about how Lindy can help you, please call 716-856-KORN or please visit HERE! To get in touch with Bradley Hamm who is accepting new patients, please call 716-421-6945.

Segment 2 (21:00): Then we welcome Paul, manager of our local SAS Shoes. Today we are talking about foot issues we may suffer from and how no matter what you are dealing with, they can help find the perfect shoe for you. Paul begins by talking about foot pain and how it can affect our quality of life. Paul explains how our feet change as we age and what that can mean for you and your body. Next hear the lengths they go to for your feet and how they can even catch foot issues before they start happening to you. Finally, hear how their shoes aren’t your typical “old lady” orthopedic shoe. They have beautiful shoes that are perfect for you. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (33:31): Then we welcome our favorite guys- Brian and Brad Stamm from The Stamm Law Firm. We first begin by talking about as we get older and wills changing after one of our parents pass away- is it legal? Brian and Brad explain how it is legal if it falls under certain circumstances. Then hear if someone is taken out of a will if they are entitled to know that or not. Find out what the law says about changing of wills and who will be notified. Next we talk about what wills cover and what they don’t and how other factors come into play with what gets left to those in your family. To find out more on how The Stamm Law Firm can help you and your family, please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (48:11): Next we welcome Julianne Lepo, CDFA, President and owner of Turning Tides Financial. First hear what her firm does and how long she has been in business. She tells us how she is here for other women who want to feel safe and confident in their finances, no matter what they’re going through. She goes into detail of the types of decisions she can help women with and with no judgement whatsoever. Next hear about a spending plan vs. a budget. Finally, hear how she is seeing women unprepared in certain situations, but how she can understand it for you! To learn more about how she can help you, please call 716-800-4290 or visit HERE!

Segment 5 (1:03:20): Kerry Peek, Director of the Cheektowaga Senior Center, is our next guest. First we talk about how important Senior Centers are for resources, entertainment, human interaction, etc. Kerry gives some examples of what Senior Centers offer that you may not realize. They can really help you with a lot of things, even if it is just pointing you in the right direction of who to speak to. Next hear how Covid had us longing for these connections. Kerry then explains how the Center really is here for you and they want to have the activities and experiences that YOU want so that you and your friends will come. Finally, hear how they just want to encourage you to give the Cheektowaga Senior Center, or any senior center, a try and see what is right for you. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 6 (1:18:32): Melissa, Executive Director, and Christina, PR Coordinator, both from the Amherst Center of Senior Services, are our next guests. March is National Nutrition Month and the Amherst Senior Center is doing so much to teach us about making informed food choices and developing healthy eating and activity habits. Christina shares with us their lunch services and the program they follow. She also shares with us their other two food programs they offer and the hours. Next hear about their Social Workers you can meet with to discuss if you’re eligible for SNAP. Melissa tells us some changes happening with SNAP currently. Melissa tells us how they do not turn away anyone for dining if they cannot pay, as long as they make a reservation. No one is judged or turned away. To make lunch or dinner reservations and to learn more about the Amherst Center of Senior services, please call 716-636-3050 or visit HERE!

Segment 7 (1:31:26): Next we welcome Paul, manager of our local SAS Shoes. First hear where they are located and how easy they are to get to. Next Paul tells us how many Senior Radio Buffalo listeners are coming to see him! He shares some stories of these customers and how they were able to help them leave in comfortable and stylish shoes that also help their individual feet issues. Next we discuss how they sell shoes and boots, but they also have accessories for men and women! Paul then shares with us how they have men and women’s shoes, the sizes they have, and the range of width they offer in their shoes. Then hear about the array of boots and sandals they have available right now. Finally, hear about Plantar Fasciitis and how SAS Shoes can help you. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 8 (1:46:51): We wrap up the show with Mr. Fitness himself- Richard Derwald, a Senior Consultant at Erie County Senior Services. Today he tells us about Senior of the Month and how it is back after a break during Covid. First hear why it was started and what it is– honoring the unsung heroes of our community. Next Richard discusses the Volunteer Senior Program. Linda and Richard discuss the amazing number of volunteers we are lucky to have in our community. Finally, hear how to nominate someone for Senior of the Month. To learn more about Erie County Senior Services, please visit HERE!

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