Senior Radio Buffalo episode #439- 09/10/22 

Senior Radio Buffalo episode #439- 09/10/22 

Segment 1 (1:58): We start the show with local discrimination attorney Lindy Korn where we are continuing our conversation about a case her and her team are taking on dealing with Canisius College and athletes on their cross country team who health with discrimination on women and lesbians plus sexual assault by a male team member. We are also joined by lawyer Kat, lawyer Brian, and talks about plaintiffs Jane Doe 1, Jane Doe 2, and Jane Doe 3. Brian is also from a different law firm and they are collaborating together to bring the best possible care to their clients. Brian shares with us a little bit about the case. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 2 (16:10): Next we welcome Brad, Brian, and Amanda from The Stamm Law Firm and today we are talking about The Basic Three. First hear what The Basic Three are. Then hear why it is important to deal with these things now so that you don’t have to fear losing control of your life/decisions in the future. These three documents can create the foundation of a safe future. Finally, we discuss how these things in place can always be a temporary situation and you wouldn’t want someone making decisions for you for a period of time that you don’t trust. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (30:44): We wrap up the show with Roxanne from Elder Care Solutions of Western New York and Brad from The Stamm Law Firm. First hear the connection between what Roxanne does and what the Stamm’s do. Roxanne gives an example of how bringing in Brad and his team can help her client. Brad then shares what of the Basic Three can be so helpful for one of Roxanne’s clients. Finally, hear everything that both of them can do for you and your family. To learn more, please visit HERE and HERE!

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