Senior Radio Buffalo episode #428- 06/25/22

Senior Radio Buffalo episode #428- 06/25/22

Segment 1 (2:00): We start the show with Dr. Messana, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand surgeries who is partnered with Catholic Medical Partners. First we discuss some things that happens with our hands as we age. Dr. Messana begins with discussing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and what can happen when you may have that and we discuss what he can do to help. He discusses braces, testing, and even surgery. Then we talk about how surgery has changed so much in recent years to help with Carpal Tunnel. Finally, hear some other things you can come in with, including what happens when people are having slips and falls. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 2 (17:44): Next we welcome Paul, manager of our local SAS Shoes. First we discussing how they are a very longstanding family business and they have had happy customers for years! Paul also shares how customer service is so important to SAS Shoes as well as having every kind of footwear you may need. Next hear where their shoes are made and the processes they are put through to make sure they are of top quality. Finally, hear how going to SAS Shoes will save you money in the long run. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (27:50): Then we welcome Dr. Lisa Harris, Vice President of Medical Affairs of Unviera Healthcare. Today we are talking about getting your routine screenings for vision and hearing. First we discuss about hearing and vision loss and how it can be a safety hazard the older we get. Then hear how often you need to get a screening for these issues, especially if you are over 60. Next we talk about the new eye drops out that claim they can improve your vision. Finally, hear what to do if you notice a sudden change in you hearing or vision. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (42:18): We wrap up the show with Jake from People, Inc Home Healthcare Services and Brian from People First Mobility. Jake first explains People Home Health services and today we are focusing on the certified home health care. He first gives examples of what services can come to your home and how your doctor is involved in these services. Then Jake tells us where they service and how many people they are currently serving. Next we talk to Brian where he explains what it is People First Mobility does. He explains how they can be of service in your home and how their initial meetings work. To learn more, please visit HERE or HERE!

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