Senior Radio Buffalo episode #396- 11/06/21

Senior Radio Buffalo episode #396- 11/06/21

Segment 1 (2:13): We start the show with local discrimination attorney Lindy Korn. First we talk about how some cases do not make it to trial and can actually be solved with mediation. Lindy explains how that works and how that can benefit both sides in the case. Then she shares how discrimination can come in many different forms even if it is subtle. She also gives us an example of a case she recently took to mediation and how going to trial could have really hurt her client. Finally, hear how you can have anyone you want in mediation with you. To learn more about everything Lindy can do for you, please visit HERE!

Segment 2 (18:04): Next we welcome Roxanne, owner of Elder Care Solutions of Western New York. Today we are talking about veterans. First Roxanne shares how important it is that veterans receive every benefit that they deserve. Next she shares the questions to ask to be you are getting every benefit and how she makes sure her clients know what they deserve as well. Hear how her company can help with all of these benefits. She shares how she can help get over the hurdles that may be holding you back from asking what you qualify for. Finally, we talk about some myths that you may think are true that are not! To learn more please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (29:38): Then we discuss how November is Native American History month and we are joined by Reverend Robert Dean and his daughter Melanie. First hear the clans they are members of and why they are members of two different clans. Pastor Bob shares why they are in different clans and how that happened. Next hear the five nations that now have a Tree of Peace together. Then hear if Pastor Bob and his wife married in a Native American traditional way. Finally, hear why learning Native American history is not very prevalent in schools. To learn more about Reverend Robert Dean, he suggests to Google the history you are looking for!

Segment 4 (44:26): We wrap up the show with Brian from The Amherst Senior Center. First Brian shares why senior centers are so important to our seniors and their health and well being. Brian shares how they adjusted the center during Covid and were still there for our seniors, as well as being a vaccination site. They also transformed their dining center to be able to still provide meals. Next he shares that their doors are now open and that they are doing everything possible to keep them open. Finally, hear what they have going on for Fall. To learn more and to become a member of the Amherst Senior Center, please visit HERE!

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