Senior Radio Buffalo episode #391- 10/02/21

Senior Radio Buffalo episode #391- 10/02/21

Segment 1 (2:42): First we welcome local attorney Lindy and her daughter Leslie who is a local filmmaker. First we hear about Leslie, when she wanted to become a filmmaker, and what made her want to do this. Leslie then shares what her film is about, how it is a documentary, and how it relates to mental health in a teenager. Next Lindy shares her view and her role in this documentary. Finally, find out when the screening is and where you can watch this film.

Segment 2 (18:08): Next we welcome Greg Stamm from the Stamm Law Firm who has written a book “Come Cruise with Me in a Post-Covid World.” Greg loves to go on cruises and he wants to help everyone to continue to go on them post-covid. First hear how the ships are cleaner and safer than ever. He also shares some protocols that are now in place to keep everyone safe. He shares how you can travel on a cruise with having to do no work and just enjoying the trip. Finally, hear how you may enjoy a cruise more than you think. Pick up Greg’s book today!

Segment 3 (31:21): Next we welcome Brian, the Director from the Amherst Senior Center. First hear how the doors are now open to the Center!! Next hear how you must wear a mask inside of the Center, regardless if you are vaccinated or not. Next Brian tells us about the guide for the Center where you can see the classes, programs, and everything else they have going on. Finally, hear how you can join the Center. To learn more please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (47:54): We wrap up the show with Erie County Clerk Michael Kearns. Today we are talking about our veterans. Michael shares some programs and our “Purple Heart Day.” He also shares how Covid-19 has changed these events a little, but that they are still being observed and celebrated. Next he shares how he is working hard with the corporate partners to make many of our posts ADA accessible. Finally, hear everything that is being worked out to make our senior veterans more comfortable in our community. To learn more about the Clerk’s Office please visit HERE!

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