Senior Radio Buffalo episode #387- 09/04/21

Senior Radio Buffalo episode #387- 09/04/21

Segment 1 (2:46): We start the show with discrimination lawyer Lindy Korn and today we are talking about the Governor Cuomo case. First we start off discussing his apology, which is not valid and shows a lack of his accountability. Next here how the assembly is not moving forward with impeachment or prosecution now that he has resigned. Lindy discusses the pattern with past political figures and how with those men getting away with not being prosecuted, Governor Cuomo will follow suit. Finally, hear what people are asking Lindy about this case. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 2 (19:07): Next we welcome Stacey and Kasha from Absolut Care Aurora Park. First hear what the community can do to help those in retirement homes and the employees during times like the pandemic. Next hear what family members should do during a visit and how you book an appointment to see your loved one. Then hear about the services they provide. Finally, find out that they are hiring! Tune in to hear the jobs available and the people they are looking for. To find out more about everything we talked about today, please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (31:24): Then we are joined by Nancy and Tom from the Buffalo Niagara Honor Flight. First hear what this group does and how it flies our veterans to Washington, D.C. to see their memorial. Next we discuss their golf tournament which will help raise funds to pay for these trips. Then hear when the the tournament is, what will be going on, and how you can take part in this amazing tournament for an amazing cause. Finally, hear how they are now able to start the flights again and the CDC precautions they are taking. To find out more please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (46:45): We wrap up the show with Lou and Joe from The Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation. Today we are talking about their annual Weekend Event– a party of a lifetime starting on Friday, September 24th. They want to do this event better than ever since they were not able to do it last year. First hear who can all come to this awesome event. Next hear some of the alumni that will be at this event. Finally, find out how you can get an alumni poster, participate in the jersey auction, and how to attend this amazing weekend. Please be sure to visit HERE!

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