Senior Radio Buffalo episode #365- 04/03/21

Segment 1 (4:19): We start today’s show with Steve Elwell, CFP and Partner-in-Chief Investment Officer, from Level Financial Advisors. Today’s subject is what your strategy should be while you are heading into retirement. Steve begins with discussing what a widow’s penalty is. Steve shares what it is and how it can affect your retirement. He shares some scenarios that you could be in and how to minimize the financial impact. Finally, hear how good financial advising can help with financial surprises like this. To learn more please visit HERE!

Segment 2 (20:17): Next we welcome attorney Lindy Korn. Today we are talking about a toy gun case where a national law firm threatened Ms. Thomas, a Hispanic woman, with a toy gun and also harassed and belittled her. Lindy shares with us many details of the case. She shares with us how they are abusing their power with Ms. Thomas. Lindy also shares how the firm favored younger, white women who worked at the firm, even though Ms. Thomas had outstanding performance reviews. Tune in to hear these horrible things Ms. Thomas endured and the case that is going on. To learn more about how Lindy can help you with a discrimination case, please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (33:45): Then we are joined by Terry Collins, RN Administrator, from The McGuire Group and today we are discussing their Northgate Health Facility. First hear from Terry on where it is located, how many beds they have, and about their skilled nurses. Next she shares some of the many services they offer at this facility. Then Terry discusses their hospice care and their Dialysis Den. Terry also goes into detail on how a patient can find them. Finally, hear an even more in depth explanation on their services. To learn more about them, please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (47:59): We wrap up the show with Kevin from Collette Tours. Today we are talking about our Treasures of Europe Tour. First hear where the trip leaves and arrives from, but how you don’t need to worry about traveling there- they will take care of it all! Next hear about what is planned, the extra excursions, and the down time if that is what you want! Kevin gives an example of the schedule and how you will get to do everything you would like to do. FInally, hear how you can still take part of this amazing trip! To find out more, please visit HERE!

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