Senior Radio Buffalo episode #360- 02/27/21

Segment 1 (5:02): We start the show with Sally, Karen, and Lisa from The Clarity Group. First hear how their four locations are still open even though Open Enrollment is over- they are there for as long as you need them! Next hear about their experience and how it has led them here to help you. Then, hear the plans The Clarity Group offers you. We think you will be surprised to hear how they help you choose a plan– and their services are free! Finally, hear about how retirement goes hand in hand with your Medicare needs. To learn more on how they can help you, please visit HERE!

Segment 2 (22:01): Next we welcome Roxanne, owner of Elder Care Solutions of Western New York. First find out what they do and how they will the gap between the people they love and the healthcare they need. They are care managers who make sure their clients have the help they need. They provide their clients with consistency. Next hear a positive side of COVID-19 which has led people to pre-plan their future care needs. Finally, hear all of the people they can help. To learn more about their services, please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (34:01): Our third guests today are Brad, Brian, and Alisa from The Stamm Law Firm. Today we are discussing personal injury litigation and how their firm can handle it. First hear how long they have been handling personal injury cases- you will be shocked to hear it. Next Alisa shares more information on what their personal injury part of the firm can handle. Finally, hear what information you will need to bring with you if you have a personal injury case for The Stamm Law Firm. To learn more, please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (48:45): We wrap up our show with continuing the Aging Gracefully series as we welcome Phil Pohlman of R Salon. First hear how this segment is for everyone and how this can be a safe activity for everyone in the family! Next hear how important taking care of yourself is including your skin, hair, dressing for the day, etc. Finally, Phil explains how fun it can be to experiment with different hair colors and cuts. To learn more about R Salon’s services, please visit HERE!

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