Senior Radio Buffalo episode #352- 01/02/21

Senior Radio Buffalo episode #352- 01/02/21

Segment 1 (4:02): We start the show with local discrimination attorney Lindy Korn. Today we are talking about a current case about a Comcast Executive who allegedly harassed and fired an employee. Lindy shares how this employee complained about the harassment and how she was ignored. Lindy also shares how harassment can still happen if you are working remotely. Finally, tune in to hear how to handle a situation if you are being discriminated against or harassed. To learn more about what Lindy’s firm can do for you, please visit HERE!

Segment 2 (20:24): Next we welcome Steve Elwell, CFP and Partner-in-Chief Investment Officer, from Level Financial Advisors. Today Linda and Steve discuss what you financial resolutions should be in 2021 when it comes to retiring. Steve explains the steps of figuring out how to plan retirement, starting with asking yourself what you want to do (your plan) while being retired. Next you need to figure out your monthly and annual expenses to be sure you can be comfortable while being retired. Tune in to hear ALL of the expert tips if you are beginning to plan for retirement this year. To learn more about everything Level Financial Advisors can do for you, please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (32:57): Then we welcome Kerry Peak, Director of the Cheektowaga Senior Center, to the show. First Kerry shares what is going on with the Center during the pandemic. Right now they are not open to the public, but they are working behind the scenes and are available via phone with anything they can help Seniors with. Kerry shares some of the services that are still available while you are at home, including their Outreach Program. To learn what is available to you and how to get a hold of them during the pandemic, please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (48:41): We wrap up our show with a special segment from Linda about taking it easy. Linda discusses an article she found about how to take it easy during the pandemic and how to handle it. Please tune in to hear the article and some great advice that can help us all!

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