Segment 1 (7:04): Our first guest is local attorney Lindy Korn. Today they are discussing the case against We Work, where an employee was allegedly fired for making a discrimination case. Lindy shares the details of this case and how the employee complained to HR and higher up departments and she was ignored. Lindy shares what the case is and how so many people are affected by discrimination like this. To learn more about what Lindy’s firm does, please visit HERE!

Segment 2 (22:53): Next we welcome Steve Elwell from Level Financial Advisors. Today they are discussing the differences for retirement between people not working and people still working. Steve discusses many of the topics people have questions about for their future. Finally, Steve shares how he can help answer these questions and explain things you may not even know about. To learn more please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (37:21): Then we welcome Dave Shenk and Bill Daniels from the Erie County Senior Services. Dave shares what is new with the Erie County Senior Services. Then they discuss the dining programs that are open and some they will be opening in the near future. Next hear about MIPPA and how it can fill in the gaps that Medicare doesn’t cover. Bill shares how it is a government service and it is here to keep you healthy. To learn more please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (52:00): We wrap up the show with Denise from Travel Brilliant and today we are talking about our upcoming train trip! Denise tells us all about the Rocky Mountaineer train trip! Tune in to hear about what the trip is and the safety precautions they are taking. Linda is sharing the price, air fare, and where they are headed. Denise also shares how they are tailoring to people’s needs and that they are monitoring Canada and their travel guidelines. To learn more about this amazing trip, please call 417-7824.

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