Segment 1 (4:44): We start the show with Denise from Brilliant Travels as she presents Senior Radio Buffalo VIP Tours “First Passage to the West.” First hear about this train trip, when it is, and who is hosting it! Next hear all of the places the train is stopping. Finally, hear the cost and everything the price covers. Also, tune in to hear how you will be COVID-19 safe. To find out more or to sign up for the trip you can call 417-7824.

Segment 2 (20:51): Next we welcome attorney Lindy Korn back to the show. Today they are discussing the Casino Suit, which deals with workers being discriminated against because of their sex and age. This case deals with older women being fired from a casino because of their age. Hear Lindy explain how the court recognizes this as a serious problem and has ruled it so. To learn more about what Lindy’s firm can do for you, you can visit HERE!

Segment 3 (33:26): Our third guest is licensed psychologist Dr. Amy Beth Taublieb. Today Dr. Taublieb and Linda are discussing anxiety with school starting. She first explains all of the different sides of where the anxiety is coming from and who is experiencing the anxiety. Then hear how children can read your anxiety. Finally, hear the anxiety teachers are feeling. To learn more about how Dr. Amy Beth Taublieb can help you, please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (49:13): We wrap up the show with welcoming back Steven Elwell from Level Financial Services. First hear how the first time you meet with a financial planner might be the first time you see a financial planner and how that is okay! Next hear why it is important to see a financial planner before you plan on taking your Social Security. Finally, hear how time is your most valuable asset and how they can save you time! To learn more about all of their services, please visit HERE!

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