Segment 1 (5:05): Linda starts the show with Lt. Gov Kathy Hochul. First they discuss today being Women’s Equality Day and how it’s been 100 years since women could vote. Hear them talk about some of the movements in New York during this time and how it parallels what is happening with the Black Lives Matter Movement. Next Lt. Gov Kathy Hochul and Linda discuss the pandemic and the people it has truly affected, especially women. Finally, hear what she believes the key is to bring economic recovery.

Segment 2 (21:40): Next we welcome Greg, Brad, and Brian from the Stamm Law Firm. First hear how it is important to get your estate in order as early as you can. Tune in to hear what they can help you get together for your estate. Then hear from Brad as to why having a Power of Attorney is so important. He also mentions how you need to be sure your POA has the rights they need to and done right so that your family can be helped correctly. To learn more about estate planning and more, you can visit HERE!

Segment 3 (33:40): Our next guests are Michelle and Katie from 716 Realty. First hear what makes them different from other realty groups. They share how buying and selling can be very nerve wrecking, but that they are here to help you along the whole way. Next hear how they create relationships for life! Finally, hear how they are 100% locally owned and operated and how they can work all around Western New York. To learn more about 716 Realty, please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (49:17): Our last guest of the show is local discrimination attorney Lindy Korn. Today Lindy will be answering questions from our listeners. First hear a concerned listener who doesn’t know what to do about being pregnant and how her workplace is responding. Next Lindy answers a questions about an employee receiving texts and messages from his boss that he is uncomfortable with. Finally, a listener asks how to tell if a potential employer is discriminating against him due to his disability. To learn more about what her firm can do for you, please visit HERE!

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