Senior Radio Buffalo episode #312- 07/18/20

Segment 1 (6:21): We start the show with local attorney Lindy Korn. Today they are discussing the new LGBTQ ruling from the Supreme Court and seniors. First Lindy explains what the ruling is and what it means. Lindy also discusses how this ruling is long overdue. Next she shares how this decision affects Seniors of the LGBTQ community, especially in the workplace. Finally, Lindy shares the cases she always has with discrimination on the LGBTQ community and how she can help! To learn more about her and her firm, please visit HERE!

Segment 2 (20:56): Next we welcome Dave Shenk, Commissioner of Erie County Senior Services and Alex Lauer, the Coordinator of the volunteers from the RSVP Program. First Linda and Dave discuss how Erie County Senior Services are operating now that we are re-opening from COVID-19. Next hear about the New York Connects Program and the types of things they can help you with. Then Alex shares what the RSVP Program is and all of the opportunities for seniors! To learn more about New York Connects or the RSVP Program, please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (35:06): Our third guest is Cindy, a clinical pharmacist from Independent Health. First we discuss what is considered a chronic condition and why it is important for people to manage them. Next hear how if you have a chronic condition, you are more open to COVID-19, especially if it is not managed. Cindy shares how important lifestyle changes and taking correct medication is. Finally, hear some of the not so great things that can happen if you aren’t taking your medications and what you should be doing. To learn more please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (49:44): We wrap up our show with Brian, director of the Amherst Center for Senior Services. First Linda and Brian discuss how COVID-19 has challenged our seniors and our senior centers. Brian discusses how they have kept up with being able to feed their seniors by teaming up with Meals on Wheels during the pandemic. Next Brian lets us know what they are doing to help their seniors not suffer from social isolation and making sure they are doing okay. Finally, Brian shares their Zoom and Facebook Live calls they have been doing to keep everyone together socially! To learn more about the Center, please visit HERE!

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