Senior Radio Buffalo episode #306- 06/27/20

Segment 1 (6:13): We start the show with Vice President Karen Olson from The Clarity Group. First hear what the average person doesn’t know about Medicare and how they can help! Next hear how you and your spouse can have different plans depending on your needs. They take your needs very seriously so that you get the right plan for YOU. Then hear how they are still open and available to help during COVID-19 and social distancing– they even have their classes available as webinars and can do appointments! Finally. hear how you can still have an advocate with you and how important that is to help. To learn more about everything The Clarity Group can do for you, please visit HERE!

Segment 2 (20:38): Next we welcome Executive Director Richard Ellis from Amherst Meals on Wheels. First hear what has changed at Amherst Meals on Wheels including bringing back some of our volunteers. Next tune in to hear if they are looking for additional volunteers. Richard also shares the time commitment that comes from being a volunteer. Then Richard shares what kind of meals they serve, how they are made, and who cooks them. Finally, hear the official date that they will be back to their five day schedule. To learn more about their services or becoming a volunteer, please visit HERE!

Segment 3 (34:36): Next we have Suzanne Defossess-Gillam, owner of Touching Hearts at Home, as we continue our 12 part series with her called “The New Normal for Seniors.” First hear the dramatic impact COVID-19 has had on Seniors with causing them to be isolated which can increase depression, heart disease, and more. Suzanne shares how her caregivers can help with the issue of being isolated and make seniors feel much less alone. Next hear how her caregivers have been working this whole time and the measures they have taken to be safe, healthy, and prepared to keep the Seniors safe from COVID-19. Finally, Suzanne shares how and why she started Touching Hearts at Home and how she is looking for new caregivers. To learn more about how they can help you or a senior in your life, please visit HERE!

Segment 4 (49:55): We wrap up the show with licensed psychologist Dr. Amy Beth Taublieb. Today their topic is depression, especially during this time. Dr. Taublieb shares how the word depression is used incorrectly and how many people are misdiagnosed– especially during COVID-19. Most of us are having “bad” days right now, with our world turned upside down, and it is making it hard for us to be happy and we think we may have depression. Dr. Taublieb then describes what depression is and how to avoid receiving a misdiagnosis. Finally, hear how complicated the diagnosis is and who can properly diagnose it. To learn more please visit HERE!

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