Segment 1 (5:44): We start the show with Richard Derwald speaking from Erie County Senior Services. First they being the show discussing how to make our senior years the best years of our lives. Richard shares a story of his life and how we were taught to see Seniors and how he doesn’t agree. Next they discuss how far Seniors have come from the past and how it means we can get even better in the future! Finally, hear about what Live Well Erie is and how Richard is involved. To learn more you can visit HERE!

Segment 2 (20:37): Next we welcome Lisa from The Clarity Group! First hear Linda’s personal Medicare question and how it might be something you are wondering, too! Next hear how they can work with people through Webinars and how you can still be choosing your Medicare plan while also social distancing. Lisa shares how Seniors are learning through COVID-19 to live more and work less! Finally, hear how The Clarity Group is different from other providers. To learn more about their Webinars or how to schedule a meeting with them, you can visit HERE!

Segment 3 (34:10): We wrap up the show with Suzanne Defossess-Gillam, owner of Touching Hearts at Home, as we begin our 12 part series with her called “The New Normal for Seniors.” First hear how they are seeing this new normal first hand while her and her staff are working with Seniors. Next Suzanne shares when the signs may be showing and when it is time to have a caregiver come in to give some assistance. Then Suzanne shares what her caregivers do within a Seniors home to keep the home clean, sanitized, and safer from COVID-19. Finally, hear what our new normal is for Seniors during the current Phase in New York right now. Be sure to keep tuning into the rest of our 12 part series and to learn more about Touching Hearts at Home services, please visit HERE!

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