Segment 1 (4:20): We start the show off with Steve Elwell- partner and CFP of Level Financial Advisors. First hear how speaking to a financial advisor during this time can really calm your fears and get your informed on how the economy is coming back. Steve shares how the size of the decline of the economy right now isn’t as bad as previous declines. Next, Steve shares what a CFP is and how it is important for a client to have an advisor is a CFP. Finally, Steve shares what a fee-only label means and what it means to a consumer. To learn more about what they can do for you, please visit HERE!

Segment 2 (18:06): To wrap up the show today, we have local attorney Lindy Korn. Today Lindy and Linda are discussing racial discrimination at work. Lindy discusses if they are prevelant or not and the increase we have had in recent years. Lindy gives us an example of a case she handled of a gentleman facing harsh racism in his job. Finally, Lindy shares how Buffalo is already seen as a segregated city. To learn more about what Lindy can do for you if you are facing discrimination, please visit HERE!

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