Segment 1 (2:16): Steve Elwell, partner and CFO of Level Financial Advisors, is Linda’s first guest today. First they start by answering some questions from listeners, including what happens if you are made to retire early. Next he answers a question about companies cutting their 401(k) contributions. Tune in to hear even more financial questions answered! To learn more about Level Financial Advisors and the help they can give you during this time, visit HERE!

Segment 2 (12:19): Next Linda welcomes Richard Ellis from Amherst Meals on Wheels. First hear how COVID-19 has their services changing every single day and the safety changes they have made to keep their clients and delivery staff safe. Richard then shares how many more clients they are getting daily and how many people they are helping each week. Next hear how the Town of Amherst has shared their employees as volunteers and when they are planning on bringing back their original volunteers. To learn more about what they do and how you can sign us for their services, you can visit HERE!

Segment 3 (20:25): Suzanne Defossess-Gillam from Touching Hearts at Home is our next guest today. First hear what Touching Hearts at Home is, what they do, and who they can help. Next she answers some questions from our listeners including how Touching Hearts at Home can help during the COVID-19 pandemic. Next she answers a questions of nursing homes versus home care. Tune in to hear more of your questions answered! To learn more about everything they can do for you or a senior in your life, visit HERE!

Segment 4 (29:29): Next we welcome Dave Shenk the Commissioner of Erie County Senior Services. First hear about the Go and Dine program that they are expanding and how they are expanding it during COVID-19. Tune in to hear what it is, how it works, and how it can help seniors. Next hear about the Erie County Going Places van service and how it works. Finally, learn about Hearts and Hands. To learn more about all of the services Erie County has for seniors, please visit HERE!

Segment 5 (40:53): Joe Barnarchuck of Andrew’s Estate Service joins us next. First hear what they are doing during COVID-19 and why they are making room in their warehouse to help their clients! Next hear how they are selling items online now to help their clients. Joe then shares how they can work with certain time frames and how they are still working on a limited basis. Finally, hear the areas in New York they work in. To learn more, please visit HERE!

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