Segment 1 (1:36): We first welcome Dr. Ken Snyder from the University of Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and from Kaleida Health. First hear how Dr. Snyder is SUCH an importance to our show. Next we discuss how May is Stroke Awareness Month. Dr. Snyder explains how patients with throat issues may have a hard time letting a caregiver know that it may be signs on COVID-19. Hear how it is important that if you are not feeling well, you need to see your doctor right away. Finally, hear a list of atypical symptoms of COVID-19 for older individuals. To find out more you can visit HERE!

Segment 2 (22:28): Next we welcome Lisa Giancarlo from The Clarity Group. First hear how they can help walk you through your enrollment choices and how they take the stress away from Medicare! Tune in to hear how they help you choose the right plan for you– no matter what you choose. Hear what the government pays for and then what you have to choose and decide. To learn more abut how The Clarity Group can help you, visit HERE!

Segment 3 (33:24): Then Linda welcomes Kerry Peek (the Director) from the Cheektowaga Senior Center. First hear how even though the center is closed, they are still helping their members for things they may need with their Outreach Department. Tune in to hear the things they can still help with if you need it. Finally, hear how they still have transportation services available. If you need any help at all you can call 686-3930 or visit HERE!

Segment 4 (40:56): Next on the show we are Brian Kulpa from the town of Amherst. First hear how the town of Amherst is handling COVID-19 and the changes they have been making. Next hear how the town is helping the Senior Community including Meals on Wheels, outreach services, and wellness checks. Finally, if you need access to food, they can help! To learn more please visit HERE!

Segment 5 (47:25): We wrap up the show with Joe Barnarchuck of Andrew’s Estate Service. First hear the limited services they can offer during the COVID-19 shut down. Next, hear Joe answer some questions from listeners including where to donate items during the shut down. Joe gives some great tips on how to handle everything right now. To learn more about their great services, you can visit HERE!

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