Segment 1 (5:32): Linda starts the show with Gina from Experimax. First hear the services they provide including repairs, selling used Apple products, and the account set up of the products you buy. Next Gina shares how a used Apple product from them is just as good as a new one, and even comes with a warranty—and that’s with up to 60% off the original price! Finally, hear how beneficial your Smart Phone can be for your health and tracking your health. Don’t be overwhelmed by not knowing how to use your device—Experimax can help you with their Tuesday Tech Classes. To learn more about Experimax or their classes, you can call 716-608-6874 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (21:01): Next Linda welcomes Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation member Lou Piccone. First hear about Lou’s first experiences coming to Buffalo as a player and the great experiences he had with the fans. Finally, hear how Lou is our special guest at the Senior Radio Buffalo Fall Festival which is today! You can come out and meet him! To learn more visit HERE!

Segment 3 (34:48): The Amherst Center for Senior Services are the next guests today. First hear how they will be at the Fall Festival and how you get a free membership if you sign a lease at The Belvedere! Next hear what you have access to if you join and everything their facility has- including an art gallery! Finally, hear who can join the Center and how the fees work. To learn more you can visit HERE!

Segment 4 (49:47): Linda wraps up the show with Nicole Mancuso from The Belvedere. Tune in to hear all about the Senior Radio Fall Festival being held at The Belvedere! Nicole shares how they will have models open during the Festival and some of the amenities that will be open, too. Finally, Linda and Nicole share more information about vendors and guests that will be at The Belvedere. To learn more about this healthy, active adult living facility visit HERE!

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