Segment 1 (5:39): Linda starts the show with Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation member Lou Piccone. First they talk about the Alumni Foundation and how much they do for charity and the community. Hear some history from Lou on how it got started. Next hear Lou talk about Buffalo’s fan base and how the cultural mixture we have makes it great to live in Buffalo! Finally, hear about the Senior Radio Fall Festival where Lou will be the special guest! It will be held at The Belvedere on Saturday, September 28th, from 10am-3pm. Hear about special prizes, events, and vendors! To find out more you can visit our website HERE!

Segment 2 (20:53): Linda’s next guest is Gina from Experimax. First hear how Gina will be at the Senior Radio Fall Festival! Next hear how they can help you at Experimax figure out your computer, cell phone, or iPad. You can leave feeling knowledgeable about the device you have! Next hear how they sell pre-owned, certified Apple products that include a one year warranty. Finally, hear about their Tuesday classes they hold each week to teach you about your devices. To find out more you can visit HERE and don’t miss them at the Senior Radio Fall Festival!

Segment 3 (34:28): Greg, Brian, and Brad Stamm from The Stamm Law Firm join us next. Today they start their segment discussing how long they have been practicing law, and how their whole goal is for their client to be comfortable, trusting of them, and a part of the whole family! Next they discuss the Stamm “Basic Three.” Find out what those three things are and why every adult (no matter their age) should have those documents. Also hear how that spins off into estate planning and how planning for your future is so important! Don’t forget that even if you have these documents, it’s always important to review and update them as needed. To learn more about The Basic Three, how to plan for your future, and The Stamm Law Fim visit HERE!

Segment 4 (50:05): We wrap up today’s show with Suzanne from Touching Hearts at Home- the heart of home care. First hear how Suzanne brings passionate caregivers to people who need some help in their home. Next hear Suzanne and Linda discuss how our country works longer than other countries and gets less time with family, less support, and less rest time. Hear how Touching Hearts at Home can be those people who can listen and be there for you like family. Finally, hear the non-medical caregiving services they can provide for you or a senior in your life who may need some care. To learn more about their amazing services you can visit HERE!

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