Segment 1 (6:06): Linda starts the show with Suzanne from Touching Hearts at Home. First hear what their slogan is and how it truly shows who they are as a caring business. Next hear how they are non-medical help caregivers, the clients they serve, and what they can do as caregivers. Finally, hear how the caregivers can go anywhere that the help is needed– homes, memory care facilities, etc. To learn more about Touching Hearts at Home and their caregivers you can call 898-8566 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (21:54): Linda’s second guests are Virginia and Jeff from Complete Senior Care Services (PACE) to the show. First hear who Complete Senior Care is designed for and what they can do for each individual. Then hear how they can help a senior stay in their own home and not have to go into a nursing home until medically necessary. Finally hear the eligibility requirements for these services. To learn more about everything that Complete Care Services (PACE) has to offer you can call (716) 285-8248 or visit HERE!

Segment 3 (34:36): Mark and Roseanne from the Hamburg Dept. of Youth Recreation and Senior Services join Linda next on the show. First hear the independent services and clubs they have, as well as the Adult Day Care program that is provided. First hear from Mark and all of the services offered for independent seniors including clubs and meal services. Next hear how to become a member, how to go to the classes, and the fees they have. Finally, hear from Roseanne about the Adult Day Care they offer for Seniors who may have an impairment. Tune in to learn all of the programs they offer to get out of the home and make some friends! To learn more you can call 646-0665 or visit HERE!

Segment 4 (49:37): Linda wraps up the show with Steve from Level Financial Advisors. First hear the financial services he offers. Then he talks about how it’s okay to talk about your future, where you stand money wise, and retirement. Next he discusses how they focus on long term strategies for their future so you feel comfortable for your future. They are here to make you comfortable talking about your finances and what you can do at your age to create a game plan. Finally, hear about The Earnings Test and how it can help you. To learn more you can call (716) 634-6113 or visit HERE!

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