Segment 1 (5:07): We start today’s show with Professional Astrologer and Psychic Carol Ruth. Linda also welcomes Barbara, one of Carol’s clients, that Carol did an astrology reading for. Hear from Barbara how she feels about the reading she had. Next hear what Carol needs to be able to do an astrology reading for you. Tune in to hear Carol explain some contradictions in readings and what they mean. To learn more about Carol and to get a reading from her visit HERE!

Segment 2 (20:57): Next we welcome Sally, Lisa, and Karen from The Clarity Group! First hear who and what The Clarity Group is and how they can be very beneficial to you. Next hear where and how they can meet with you to make it convenient. They then explain the opportunities they have for veterans that they can take advantage of. Finally, hear about the enrollment period that is coming up. To learn more about how much they can help you with Medicare, you can visit HERE!

Segment 3 (34:38): Linda then welcomes Virginia and Jeff from Complete Senior Care Services (PACE) to the show. First hear who Complete Senior Care is designed for and what they can do for each individual. Then hear all of the many things they can help with from meals, cleaning, medical equipment, and more! Finally, hear how they create these individual plans for each person so that all of your needs are met and all about their Day Center. To learn more about these care plans and everything that Complete Care Services (PACE) has to offer you can call (716) 285-8248 or visit HERE!

Segment 4 (49:24): We wrap up today’s great show with Gina from Experimax. First hear Gina share what is great about buying pre-owned Apple products. Hear how long these pre-owned products can last, while also saving you money. Next hear all of the devices they can repair- and it’s more than just Apple products! To learn more about the products you can buy, get repaired, or the classes they offer you can visit HERE!

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