Segment 1 (5:48): Linda starts the show with Karen, Lisa, and Sally from The Clarity Group. First hear what made them start The Clarity Group and how they represent many national and local companies- giving you the best options available! Hear how you can schedule a meeting with them, where you can meet, and what you should prepare yourself with before the meeting. Finally, hear about the upcoming Open Enrollment in October and the difference between that Open Enrollment and the one that starts in January. To learn more about The Clarity Group or to schedule a meeting you can call 393-3437 or visit HERE!

Segment 2 (21:17): Next we are joined by Suzanne from Touching Hearts at Home. First hear about their caregivers and the qualities Suzanne looks for in caregivers to give the very best care possible to her clients. Touching Hearts only uses the best caregivers! Finally, hear about the driving test program that can show you or the senior in your life if driving is a good option or not. To learn more about being a caregiver with Touching Hearts at Home or to use their services you can call 898-8566 or visit HERE!

Segment 3 (34:03): The Amherst Center for Senior Services are the next guests today. First hear who the Amherst Center for Senior Services is and who can join or go to the Center. Next hear how many members they have and what they are hoping to gain this year. Finally hear about their services like their lunch program, over 40 clubs, and over 40 programs a month. To learn more about all of these incredible groups, classes, and programs you can visit HERE!

Segment 4 (49:42): Linda wraps up the show with with Licensed Psychologist Dr Amy Beth Taublieb. Today they are discussing what happens when people around you are not interested in celebrating the holidays. Find out what you can control in these situations and what you cannot control– this perspective can change your life! Dr. Taublieb shares that you can only control yourself and not how other people behave. This is a great segment that you will want to hear! To learn more about Dr. Taublieb’s services you can visit HERE!

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