Segment 1 (5:01): Linda first welcomes Joe, Nancy, and Rodney from the 10th Annual Buffalo Central Terminal Car Show which is coming up June 29th! First hear about the venue, why it was chosen, and what kind of cars you can expect at the show. Find out the cost to pre-register, the cost to register day of, and the hours of this awesome event. Finally, hear the memories Joe, Nancy, and Rodney have of old cars and car shows. To find out more information you can call Joe at 240-1471.

Segment 2 (20:07): Andrea and Suzanne from Touching Hearts at Home senior care join the show as our second guests. First hear how you can always call and ask any questions you would like and how anyone in the family can call if need be. They want you to be comfortable and the relationship to be successful. Finally, hear the qualities that Suzanne believes makes a good caregiver and what Touching Hearts at Home looks for. If you’re interested in being a caregiver, want at home care for yourself, or want home care for a loved one you can visit HERE!

Segment 3 (33:44): Linda’s next guest is Connor Knapp who is the founder and CEO of Sterling Heart Care. First hear what they offer when it comes to care for your heart and why Connor started this. Next hear where they are located in Amherst. Next they talk about ECP Therapy that they offer– it is a noninvasive, pain free procedure to stimulate circulation to your heart. Finally, hear what insurances cover this therapy and how ECP Therapy is beneficial for a patient. To learn more about ECP Therapy and Sterling Heart Care you can visit HERE!

Segment 4 (50:24): Linda wraps up the show with Kenneth Brown and today they are talking about strokes. Hear the different types of strokes, what causes them, and what can be done to prevent them. Next hear was FAST means when it comes to having a stroke. Finally hear the many risk factors for people to have strokes including family history and race. To learn more about stroke prevention visit HERE!

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