Segment 1 (5:55):  Linda starts the show with licensed psychologist Amy Beth Taublieb and today they are doing part two of their first conversation on loss. First hear Dr. Amy Beth Taublieb discuss how every new beginning and change is a loss like retirement, moving, etc. Next hear the different things we all grieve, including how we always grieve our past no matter what we are dealing with. Finally hear the difference between grieving too well and too quickly and taking longer to grieve. To learn more about Dr. Amy Beth Taublieb visit HERE!

Segment 2 (21:26): Next on the show are Melissa Able (Senior Program Coordinator) and Christina Yensan (Public Relations Coordinator) from the Amherst Center for Senior Services. First hear what time they open and how many people they get at the Center daily who are having a great time. Next hear all of the clubs and activities that are provided for all age ranges of Seniors! Finally hear where they are located, how to become a member, who can join, and how no matter what they will have something that interests you! To learn more visit HERE!

Segment 3 (34:21): Linda then has Joe, Rodney, Nancy from The 10th Annual Buffalo Central Terminal Car Show! First hear what everyone always asks about the cars at the show. Next, hear when, what time, and where the car show will be! Next they discuss registration, how to register, and how to pre-register. You can also hear how much it is to pre-register, to register day off, and the special gift the first 100 people to register get! Finally, hear what kinds of cars to expect and what the oldest car you can find there is. To learn more or to register your car for the show visit HERE!

Segment 4 (49:05): Linda wraps up the show with Sally, Karen, and Lisa from The Clarity Group. First hear the places they go to talk to people and where you can find them—some you won’t expect! Next hear that even if you have a Medicare Plan, you can talk to them to be sure that your plan is the right plan for you. They can also make changes for you if you need them. Hear all about their service and compassion and how their whole goal is to help you—they are not stuck with one insurance company that they must follow. Finally, hear how they are licensed agents so they know exactly how to help you and offer Medicare 101 Classes twice a month. To learn more about The Clarity Group you can visit HERE!

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